4-High Stacking
Featherboard Kit

Stacking Featherboards Promise Superior Workpiece Control
and Operator Safety For Many Operations

Consistent Pressure For Tall Workpieces Use With Your Bandsaw For Resawing

This stackable set of four Shopsmith featherboards is just the ticket for applying consistent sideways pressure on wide or tall workpieces when panel-raising, edge grooving, bandsaw resawing or any of a host of similar operations.

Configure As One Set of 4-High Stacking Featherboards Configure As Two Sets of 2-High Stacking Featherboards

Assemble the set into your choice of • one 4-high unit or • one 1-high and one 3-high unit or • two 2-high units.

The set consists of: (4) Featherboards • (4) Knobs • (2) Expanding Miter Slot Bars • (6) Spacers and • all of the hardware necessary to build any of these configurations.

Here's a drawing showing featherboard heights and the recommended stock holding thicknesses, based on the number of featherboards in your stack.

Drawing Of Recommended Featherboard Heights Based On Stock Height

Use with any model Mark V or Mark 7 as well as older or newer bandsaw tables

Use these stacking featherboards with the Shopsmith Auxiliary Fence or with your shop-made auxiliary fences on any model Mark V or Mark 7 as well as with your Shopsmith Bandsaw (works with either older or newer bandsaw tables).

556237 4-High Stacking Featherboard Kit ...    $89.75

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