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Only Shopsmith lets you pack all the functionality you could ask for - into the limited space you have
Shopsmith's Special Purpose Tools are the only full-sized stationary tools that you can pack five of into a tight corner of your garage or basement. Here, they'll consume practically zero floor space...until needed.

That's possible because they can all use the MARK V as both their operating stand - and - their rugged, 1-1/8 hp, variable-speed power source! This means you won't have to try and cram a bunch of bulky, stand-mounted tools with separate motors and bases into your limited space.

When needed, simply retrieve them from their storage space, slip their twin Mounting Tubes into your MARK V's Headrest, attach the slip-on Power Coupler and go to work. When you're finished, store them back out of your way on a shop-made shelf or our handy Storage Station. 

Stand-Mount Option
If you're planning to use a certain Tool frequently, you also have the option of buying it with its own Power Stand (including motor) - or adding the power Stand later, should you decide that it will be more convenient for you. Just one more example of the amazing amount of versatility Shopsmith builds into all of our tools.

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