Shopsmith Oscillating Drum Sander

Eliminate Workpiece Burning and Sanding marks - and Extend the life
of your Sanding Sleeves with Shopsmith's Oscillating Drum Sander

Shopsmith Oscillating Drum Sander

Shopsmith Oscillating Sander

This work-saving accessory attaches quickly to your Mark 7 or Mark V in vertical drill press mode to provide an up-down oscillating action for your drum sanding operations. As a result, you can say "goodbye" to problem of burning your workpieces and sanding sleeves... caused by sanding continuously in the same location on the sleeve.

Powered solely by the auxiliary spindle, the up/down action can be quickly adjusted from 1/2" to 7/8" to provide continuous, unassisted oscillations that are always exposing fresh abrasives to the wood and actually cleaning the sleeve as you work.

That means that you'll spend a lot less time sanding and cleaning your sleeves... and a lot more time producing smoother, faster results without having to worry about unsightly abrasive marking and loading or burn marks on the edges of your workpieces.

Similar oscillating sanders can cost from twice to four times as much as this Mark 7 / Mark V accessory... and require storage and workbench space that you probably can't spare.

Here's how it works

Just set your Mark 7 or Mark V up in vertical drill press mode, as you normally would when performing drum sanding operations.

Then, clamp the Oscillating Sander's gearbox mount around your way tubes. Next, attach the special power coupler, replace the quill handle with the special sander lever arm, connect the cable and you're ready to go to work.

The entire process takes about five short minutes... after which, you'll be ready to start drum sanding faster, smoother and more economically than ever before. And, you can do it with our standard 2-1/4" drum sander -- our 6" high model -- or any of the smaller diameter drum sanders in our special drum sanding package.

555754 Shopsmith Oscillating Drum Sander ...    $188.58

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