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Shaping - Create Beautiful Decorative Trim on Curved or Straight Edges

Create Beautiful Decorative Trim on Curved or Straight Edges

Purpose of the Shaper

While the molder produces great straight-line cuts in the surfaces of workpieces... and the dado is the tool to reach for when you need square-edged dadoes or grooves... the shaper is best for decorating edges or making edge joints on straight or curved edges.

In fact, rub collars and starting pins let the shaper tackle irregular shaped edges as easily as regular ones. Plus, the shaper even lets you work on the inside edges of cut-outs such as round or oval picture frames.

And, like its molding cousin, it's a great choice for producing specialized joints, such as: glue joint; tongue-and-groove; cabinet door panel joints; drop-leaf table edge joints; and more.

The shaper is used with the Mark 7 or Mark V set-up in the vertical position and is best suited for shaping the edges of workpieces. In this mode, the stock is passed by the spinning cutter -- not over it -- and is usually guided through the process of forming straight or curved edges by a shaper fence or a rub collar with a starting pin.

With the shaper, it is also possible to shape inside edges, too. The large work table surface supports the stock without need of any special jigs.

Combine Cutter Profiles To Create Special Shapes

A Few Examples of How You Can Combine Cutter Profiles To Create Special Shapes

More Information

Click here for more information on shaping from Shopsmith's Power Tool Woodworking For Everyone online edition.

Shopsmith Shaping Catalog

Save with the Complete Shaping Package

Save with the Complete Shaping Package

Save by buying the shaping package. It contains Shaper Fence Kit • Table Insert • Arbor with Rub Collars and • (5) Shaper Cutters


Die cast aluminum alloy table insert

Shaper Table Insert

Die cast aluminum alloy construction, heavily ribbed for added strength. Fits flush with table surface.


Shaper/Router Shield

Shaper/Router Shield

See-through shield provides front eye protection and a rear brush to improve dust collection efficiency.


Shaper Fence Kit

Shaper Fence Kit

Get precise depth-of-cut control with the shaper fence kit.


Shaper Arbor with Four Rub Collars

Shaper Arbor

1/2" Shaper Arbor With (4) Rub Collars


Shaper Cutters

A full complement of premium Shopsmith shaper cutters for decorative edging, joinery and more.


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