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Chisel Sharpening Attachment makes your Shopsmith Strip Sander a Sharpening whiz!

  Note: Due to rotational direction, your Shopsmith Strip Sander must be mounted to the Quill End of your MARK V during operation. This Attachment CANNOT be used with a Strip Sander mounted on a Power Stand or Power Station.

Lathe chisels are sharpened in a five step process, starting with the 150-grit belt and working up to the 600-grit belt.

The Strip Sander Sharpening Attachment
comes with the Assorted Belt Kit.
Shopsmith Tools in Action

Sharpening with the Strip Sander SS110
Sharpening Knives on the Strip Sander SST110
Sharpening Plane Irons SS114

Add this easy-to-use Attachment to your Shopsmith Strip Sander and you'll be putting super-keen, razor-sharp edges on all your Bench and Lathe Chisels before you know it!
Just replace your Strip Sander's Table with Attachment, switch to the special, angles Sharpening Platen and youíll be ready to start sharpening in less than two minutes.
Drop the butt end of your Chiselís handle into the Holder, adjust for length and desired angle, tighten and start sharpening. It's that easy!

Includes: Attachment, Platen, Upper Drum Guard and Superfine Assorted Belt Kit (one each 150, 220, 320, 400 Aluminum Oxide belt plus one 600-grit Silicon Carbide belt).

Shopsmith Strip Sander Chisel Sharpening Attachment
Price $229.00
Status: Item is available.

Need extra belts for your new Strip Sander Chisel Sharpening Attachment?

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