Shopsmith 5" Stick-On
No Hole Sanding Discs

Shopsmith 5-Inch Stick-On No Hole Sanding Discs

Shopsmith Sanding Discs For Superior Finishing Results

These Stick-On (PSA) Discs Feature High Performance Grain On a Durable Plastic Film Backing

Super Sharp, Fast Cutting Grain and Four Times the Life

Shopsmith's new premium abrasive products feature G2 technology, a combination of the highest quality abrasive grains, mated with the most durable backings to give you the fastest-cutting, longest-lasting abrasives available.

These 5" Stick-On Abrasive No-Hole Discs Feature:

Start enjoying superior finishing results with these revolutionary film-backed sanding discs that resist tearing and edge wear to give you four times the life and a super-smooth sanding surface.

Note: We advise you to always wear an N95 (NIOSH-Certified) Respirator when sanding to filter out 95% of airborne particles.

5" Film Back Stick-On (PSA) Discs - No Longer Available

These packages of stick-on (PSA) discs are no longer available -- 40 grit (556367), 80 grit (556368), 100 grit (556369), 120 grit (556370), 150 grit (556371), 180 grit (556372), 220 grit (556373), 320 grit (556374).

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