Shopsmith Tenon Master Jig

Cut Perfect Tenons Every Time with the Tenon Master Jig

Shopsmith Tenon Master Jig for Perfect Tenons

Shopsmith Tenon Master Jig

The Shopsmith Tenon Master Jig was designed with a wide, flat face that holds workpieces exactly perpendicular to your Mark 7 or Mark V worktable top. Although it is used primarily with the table saw for creating tenons on the ends of boards, it is equally useful for holding and guiding workpieces through all types of operations on other tools as well. For example, it can also be used to support and guide workpieces on your Shopsmith Belt Sander or Bandsaw.

Made of heavy, cast aluminum, it offers a large, comfortable knob for optimum control... and a built-in miter bar that fits your Shopsmith Mark 7 or Mark V worktable, Belt Sander and Bandsaw.

A toggle clamp is included to help you grip the workpiece, as is an arced wooden trunnion that you can use to provide back-up support when working with stock that has angled ends... for example, when cutting spline grooves for the mating faces of miters, such as those on picture frames and similar projects.

This is a very versatile accessory with numerous work-saving and precision-enhancing applications.

Includes: • Tenon Master Jig, • Wooden Angle Trunnion • Adjustable, Quick-Release Toggle Clamp • Instructions and • Plans for a Table Saw Panel-Raising Fixture

555479 Shopsmith Tenon Master Jig ...    $172.73

555845 Shopsmith Mortise and Tenon Package ...    $321.26

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Save with the complete mortise and tenon package Save with the complete mortise and tenon package

Save With the Mortise and Tenon Package

The mortise-and-tenon is one of the strongest joints in woodworking... and the recent popularity of arts-and-crafts (mission) furniture has also made it one of the most popular.

Save by buying the mortise and tenon package. It contains the tenon master jig (described above), along with mortising attachment, mortising hold-down, one each of 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" bit/chisel sets, and honing stone.

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