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Router Chuck & Shield


1/2-inch Router Chuck and Shield -- Shown Above Left
1/2” Shopsmith Router Chuck turns your MARK V into a great overhead Router Table
This precision machined tool steel Router Chuck has been especially designed to slip onto your MARK V’s 5/8” Spindle and firmly grip any 1/2” shank Router Bit for over-table routing operations. Made specifically to handle the side thrust associated with Routing and similar types of woodworking operations, it features a setscrew to grip your Mark 7's or Mark V's spindle firmly and a two setscrews to grip your bit.
CAUTION: Do NOT attempt to perform routing or similar side thrust operations with your 1/2” drill chuck, as this will damage your Chuck.

Clear Shield protects hands and eyes.

1/4-inch Router Chuck (Shown Above Right) and Shield -- Not Shown

Use your 1/4-inch shank router bits with the Shopsmith Router setup. Just slip this Router Chuck onto your MARK V Spindle, add the 1/4-inch shank Router Bit of your choice and go to work.

1/2-inch Router Chuck with Shield
Price $43.79
Status: Item is available.

1/2-inch Router Chuck
Price $24.43
Status: Item is available.

1/4-inch Router Chuck with Shield (Not Shown)
Price $43.79
Status: Item is available.

1/4-inch Router Chuck
Price $22.21
Status: Item is available.

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