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Shopsmith Wonder Fence Upgrade for TS-LS Fence Systems

  Wonder Fence Upgrade  

Use the Wonder Fence for ALL your routing and under-table shaping operations, including panel raising, decorative edging, specialized joinery cuts and lots more. Attach it to the TSIII Ultra Fence System, to get all the precision you could want for producing perfect box joints, dovetails or similar joinery cuts in an infinite variety of styles and sizes.

All critical Wonder Fence surfaces have been machined perfectly flat to ensure that both infeed and outfeed fences remain perfectly perpendicular and parallel at all offset and gap settings.

  • Attaches to the TSIII Ultra Fence System when performing high-precision joinery or similar operations
  • Infeed & outfeed fences independently adjustable over a 1/8-inch offset range
  • Accommodates all router bits and shaper cutters, regardless of height
  • In-fence dust collection system attaches to industry standard hoses
  • Fence offset controllers are precision machined from solid blocks of aluminum. Each includes its own cursor and laser engraved scale marked off in .002-inch increments
  • Hi-Rise™ Fence Cap makes easy work of panel raising and working with tall or wide boards
  • Accepts Right Angle Fixture and Shop Stop for added precision during crosscutting and end grain operations - and ensured repeatability when routing or shaping multiples

522144A Shopsmith Wonder Fence Upgrade for TS-LS Fence Systems
Price $220.49

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