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Shopsmith Hollow Chisel Mortising System

Hollow Chisel Mortising System -- 555810

“Drill” Perfectly Square Holes for Mortise-and-Tenon Joints, Hinges and More With Shopsmith's Hollow Chisel Mortising Attachment

Hollow Chisel Mortising

Hollow Chisel Mortising Attachment Beats Two-Step Mortising Hands-Down for Speed, Precision and Finished Appearance

As you probably know, there are four primary methods for cutting mortises. From complex-to-simple, these are: 1: Cut them completely with a chisel. Great if you have "forever" to do the job! 2: Bore most of the waste out with a drill bit and square-up the corners & sides with a chisel. 3: Rout away most of the waste, then square-up the corners & sides with a chisel. 4: Use a hollow chisel mortiser and you're done!

Several years ago, hollow chisel mortising faded in popularity and ended-up being replaced by router-based slot mortising. Well, it didn't take long for woodworkers to figure out that hollow-chisel mortising was a lot faster and easier. As a result, like many things in life, people came to their senses and returned to the system that was the best for many years.

Here's how this tool works. Install your drill chuck on your MARK 7 or Mark V spindle. Then slip the mortising attachment over the outside of your quill and tighten the 5/32" setscrew. Insert the mortising chisel of your choice into the opposite end of the attachment and tighten another setscrew. Slip the appropriate mortising bit through the chisel and tighten it in your drill chuck. Position your workpiece against your rip fence, install the hold-down and go to work!

Hollow Chisel Mortising Package

The attachment holds the chisel to keep it from rotating while your drill chuck holds and spins the mortising bit that rides inside the chisel. As you lower the set into your wood, the bit removes most of the waste while the chisel's sharp edges square shave the sides of the mortise square and smooth. The special hold-down attaches to the top of your rip fence to keep your workpiece from lifting off the table surface when you retract the chisel.

The package includes everything needed to cut 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" mortises.

Includes: • Mortising Attachment • Hold-Down • 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" Bit/Chisel Sets and • Chisel Honing Stone.

Owners Manual for Mortising System (pdf)

555810 Shopsmith Mortising Package ...   $184.23

555845 Shopsmith Mortise and Tenon Package ...   $321.26

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Save with the complete mortise and tenon package Save with the complete mortise and tenon package

Save With the Mortise and Tenon Package

The mortise-and-tenon is one of the strongest joints in woodworking... and the recent popularity of arts-and-crafts (mission) furniture has also made it one of the most popular.

Save by buying the mortise and tenon package. It contains the tenon master jig (described above), along with mortising attachment, mortising hold-down, one each of 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" bit/chisel sets, and honing stone.

Click Here for Individual Mortising Components

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