Shopsmith Carbide-Tipped
Router Bits

Shopsmith Carbide-Tipped Router Bits (1/2" Shank)

Rugged Carbide-Tips To Hold a Keen Cutting Edge

Shopsmith 1/2" Shank Carbide-Tipped Router Bits

Shopsmith's carbide-tipped router bits have been designed for working with hardwoods, laminates in a production or home shop environment. Each features rugged carbide tips to take and hold a keen cutting edge, with infrequent sharpening.

All have 1/2-inch shanks for use in the Shopsmith 1/2-inch router chuck (514631). A step up from our standard, high speed steel bits.

521870 3/4" Straight Carbide-Tipped Router Bit ...    $28.42

521869 1/2" Straight Carbide-Tipped Router Bit ...    $19.94

521868 3/8" Straight Carbide-Tipped Router Bit ...    $24.23

521867 1/4" Straight Carbide-Tipped Router Bit ...    $27.84

521866 1/2" Dovetail Carbide-Tipped Router Bit ...    $29.76

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