Shopsmith Quill Twister

Meet the All-New Shopsmith Quill Twister...

...the quick, effortless way to rotate and align the flat on your
Shopsmith machine quill when installing quill-mounted accessories

The Quick, Effortless Way To Rotate and Align the Flat On Your Shopsmith Machine Quill When Installing Quill-Mounted Accessories
Easy-To-Grasp 3" Long Handle Gives You the Additional Leverage You Need The Steel Handle Shaft Features an Especially Cut Keyway That Slips Over a Spline On the Inside Surface of Your Coupler

Here's the solution to a problem that we've all faced at one time or another. You're working on a project and need to make some saw cuts. So, you've installed your lower saw guard and are ready to attach your saw blade to the quill of your Shopsmith. Unfortunately, the flat on your quill is not positioned in a spot where you can get your Allen wrench on the blade arbor to tighten it properly.

If your machine was manufactured after January of 2002, the coupler hub guard won't allow you to grasp the hub and rotate the spindle to an accessible position. And once the lower saw guard is attached, you can't get a grip on the knurled spindle knob to twist the spindle into proper alignment, either.

If your machine was manufactured before January of 2002, the coupler hub is accessible, but often (especially if you're an older owner or have a touch of arthritis in your hands) you can't grip the hub firmly enough to effect the proper twist.

Enter the New Shopsmith Quill Twister

This simple new lever-handle device slides easily into the accessory machine end of your existing coupler... allowing you to then press the Mark V (or Mark 7) end of the coupler onto the headstock hub and rotate the spindle to the correct position with amazing ease! It features an easy-to-grasp 3" long handle that gives you all the additional leverage you need for making those vital spindle adjustments.

Two Ways To Set It Up

Use it with your existing coupler: The steel handle shaft features an especially cut keyway that slips over a spline on the inside surface of your coupler. Just slip it into position in your coupler... place your coupler on the hub and rotate. When you're through, simply remove the Twister handle and your coupler is ready for normal use in driving your Shopsmith Special Purpose Tools.

Order the Quill Twister Package with Coupler: Each Quill Twister comes with a buttonhead capscrew (5/32" Allen Wrench head) that can be dropped through the headstock end of a dedicated coupler and threaded into the tapped end of the Quill Twister shaft, giving you a Quill Twister with a permanently attached coupler, ready for use at all times (order the package below and save $10 !).

It's your choice: No matter which way you decide to go, you're going to love how much easier your quill-mounted tool setups are going to be with the amazing new Quill Twister. Forget the frustrations caused by a hub guard that's in your way... or a weakened grip that can often result in painful hand cramps.

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556263 Shopsmith Quill Twister ...    $22.93

503574 Shopsmith Coupler ...    $21.49

Order the Kit & Save $10.00 !

556264 Shopsmith Quill Twister with Coupler ...    $39.98

Early Version Shopsmith Coupler

Important Note

Note: If your early (before 1952) version Shopsmith coupler looks like the one shown in the picture at the right, you will need to order a new coupler to use the Quill Twister.


Shopsmith couplers include a spring in the headstock end that is there to prevent leaving the coupler in position after the Special Purpose Tool is removed.


Doing so could allow you to accidentally leave the Quill Twister in position after having made your necessary quill adjustments, then turn your machine on, resulting in a potentially dangerous situation.

Owners Manual for Quill-Twister (PDF)

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