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Shopsmith Mark 7/Mark V Premium Retractable Casters

Shopsmith Premium Retractable Casters Make Moving Your Mark 7 or Mark V Around the Shop an Effortless Snap!

Roll Your Shopsmith Effortlessly From Location To Location

These premium, rugged retractable casters have been made especially for the Shopsmith Mark 7 and Mark V. Prepare to be amazed as you roll your Shopsmith effortlessly from location to location. You'll glide over basement and garage floor concrete expansion joints with ease.

Made of a rugged die-cast aluminum with solid steel rods, they feature a spring-loaded mechanism that offers three settings:

  • Step once on the actuator and your Mark 7/Mark V raises 1/4" off the ground for rolling over smooth surfaces
  • Step twice on the actuator and the ground clearance increases to 1/2"
  • A third step allows your Mark 7/Mark V to settle gently back onto the ground when you're ready to go to work.

Each set features big 3" diameter by 1-1/4" wide casters with polyolefin wheels that and rugged 3/8" steel axels that roll super-smoothly on sealed ball bearings. They swivel a full 360° for effortless directional changes.

Shopsmith Premium Retractable casters include a paper template for drilling your bracket mounting holes and all the nuts and bolts you need to attach them to your Mark 7/Mark V's legs.

Reduced Effort Compared To Shopsmith Standard Casters

Wheels Set at 90°
To Pull Direction
Wheels Set Parallel
To Pull Direction
To Begin Moving Once Machine Is Moving To Begin Moving Once Machine Is Moving
Original 2" Casters 40+ # 7.5 # 24 # 7.5 #
Premium 3" Casters 20 # 5 # 10 # 5 #

556247 Premium Retractable Casters ...   $184.95

Shopsmith Premium Caster Upgrade

Already Own Shopsmith Standard Retractable Casters?

With the Shopsmith Premium Caster Upgrade you can replace the 2" rubber casters in your standard retractable casters with new 3" easy-rolling polyolefin ball bearing casters. Read more about the Premium Caster Upgrade here .

556224 Premium Caster Upgrade ...   $77.24

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