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Shopsmith 12" Planer

Shopsmith 12" Planers Deliver the Precise Stock Thickness You Need

Shopsmith Mark-Mounted Planers Save Space In Your Shop

Why Do You Need a Thickness Planer?

There are two primary reasons for owning a thickness planer. Many more will occur to you as you use your new planer.

The first and foremost reason is to ensure the consistency of the thickness of the stock you're using. Few problems are more frustrating than to start assembling your cut-to-size project components, only to discover that they're not fitting together properly due to inconsistencies in thickness. Assuming that all lumber (even from the same stock) is planed down to a consistent thickness, has been the downfall of many a project.

The second reason is to save money by planing your own lumber to the thickness you want. When you need thinned stock for smaller gift projects, for example, these savings can be significant. If you can find 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" thinned stock locally, you'll pay dearly for it. But, armed with a Shopsmith Bandsaw and one of our Planers, you can resaw two or three thinner boards out of a thicker one (up to 6" wide). Then, plane them down to the exact thickness you need at a big savings!

Shopsmith Planers -- Loaded With Work-Saving, Results-Enhancing Features

As with all Shopsmith Special Purpose Tools, your thickness planer offers great features to help you make everything you make -- better.

Separate Feed Motor Won't Rob Cutterhead Power Variable-Rate Feed Control Ensures Super-Smooth, Mirror-Finish Cuts

Large 12" x 4" Capacity handles big lumber. All the throat capacity you need to smoothly and swiftly surface boards up to a foot wide. Generous 4-inch thickness capacity turns hefty, rough-sawn timbers into smooth, finished stock.

Plenty of Muscle to tackle your toughest jobs. The Mark 7/Mark V mount model will deliver up to 1-3/4 hp (or 1-1/8 hp on the Mark V) at infinitely variable cutterhead speeds of 3,000 to 4,100 rpm.

Separate Feed Motor won't rob cutterhead power. Both Shopsmith Planer models offer a separate feed motor that's completely independent of the cutterhead motor. As a result, you'll achieve better, more consistent planer performance since each of the two motors is dedicated entirely to its own function.

Variable-Rate Feed Control ensures super-smooth, mirror-finish cuts. Although the feed rate ranges vary slightly between the two models, both planers allow you to slow-down or speed-up the feed rates to produce as smooth a surface as you'd like -- at the simple twist of the feed rate dial.

28" Long Table provides unrivaled support. The Shopsmith Planer has one of the longest tables of any 12" planers on the market today. Its rigid, durable cast construction eliminates leveling problems and ensures proper infeed and outfeed support and consistent depth-of-cut on every board.

High-Grip Feed Rollers help prevent slippage. The serrated steel infeed roller grabs every board (even thick, 4" timbers) with a secure, non-slip grip and pushes it through the cutterhead at a constant feed rate to produce that super-smooth finish. The long-lasting, hard rubber outfeed roller then grasps the board as it exits the cutterhead, pulling it through at that same rate and completing the cut without marring or scratching the surface.

Shopsmith 12" Mark-Mounted Planer is an excellent choice for woodworker with limited space, a more limited budget or who only occasionally build tolerance-critical projects.


Specification Mark-Mounted Planer
Maximum Width Of Cut 12"
Maximum Depth Of Cut 3/32"
Maximum Stock Thickness 4"
Minimum Stock Thickness 3/32"
Cutterhead Speed Variable: 3,000-4,100 rpm
Cutterhead Diameter 3"
Power 1-3/4 hp on Mark 7
(1-1/8 hp on Mark V)
Feed Motor Horsepower 1/2 hp
Feed Rate (Feet/Minute) 5-12
Electrical Requirements 110V, 15 amps
Minimum Cuts-Per-Inch 62
Maximum Cuts-Per-Inch 205
Table Size 12-1/2" x 28"
Weight 64 pounds

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