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NEW! Shopsmith Exclusive NOVA G3 Pen Turning Bundle

3 Great Ways to Buy!

Nova G3 Bundle 1

Buy this kit if you already have the Shopsmith Tailstock Chuck Arbor & Pen Mandrel. You'll be ready to go!

556214 Nova G3 Pen Turning Kit ...   $239.00

Shopsmith Premium Pen Turning Bundle with NOVA G3 Pen Turning Kit

Starting from Scratch? Here is Everything You Need to Get Started PLUS Extra Savings!

556220 Shopsmith Premium Pen Turning Bundle with NOVA G3 Pen Turning Kit ...   $246.00

NOVA Pen Turning Accessory Kit

The Perfect Choice if You Already Have the NOVA G3 Chuck!

556219 NOVA Pen Turning Accessory Kit ...   $119.79

Pen examples

With the New NOVA G3 Pen Turning Bundle you will be turning Beautiful colorful pens out of wood and acrylic alike. The New NOVA G3 Turning Bundle includes the highly popular G3 Chuck with standard 50mm jaws, plus the Pen Plus Jaws, Mandrel Saver and the Woodworm Screw PLUS the special Insert made specially to connect with to Your Shopsmith Spindle. You will love the solid construction, minimal vibration and ease-of-use. The NOVA G3 has become a customer-favorite chuck lathe turning. It is made especially for Shopsmith Lathe with up to a 16" of swing over the bed. The G3 is a self-centering chuck, so all four jaws close at the same time by turning a single key. With only one hand needed to close the chuck, your other hand is free to align the stock. And, you will love the sturdy storage case which makes it easy to keep your kit free from dust and in top operating condition.

    What You Can Expect:
  • Small, compact design minimizes load on small spindles and bearings
  • Dedicated, close fitting Insert using only the standard 5/32" Allen wrench to install. No separate insert tools required
  • Single-handed operation with included chuck key
  • Four jaw design firmly grips both round and square wood‐Tufflock geared grip provides a powerful, positive hold
  • Locking set screw allows it to be used for sanding in reverse mode when mounted on the PowerPro Headstock.
  • Wide range of available accessory jaws (Note that although all Nova jaws will fit, not all are recommended for use with the G3)
  • Jaw slides made from high-tech copper fused steel for maximum hardness, wear, and self-lubricating properties
  • Precision machined in one operation from a solid steel block for optimal accuracy
  • Polished finish to allow for closer tolerances and accuracy
  • Safe Lock™ Woodworm screw included for fast mounting of rough timbers
  • Tailstock Chuck Arbor 505603 required to hold the Drill Chuck for center drilling the penstock
  • 6 Year warranty

NOVA's Pen Plus Jaws quickly convert your NOVA G3 chuck into a fast, accurate pen blank drilling tool. The large jaw profile provides a solid grip for all sizes of pen blanks, and a perfectly centered hole, every time. Being able to finely control the drill  Quill feed on your lathe helps to prevent break out on delicate pen walls. Pen Plus Jaws are also perfect for squaring up the pen blank ends after gluing in the tubes. But here's the ''Plus'' in Pen Plus—the heavy-duty design of the jaws means that they're also powerful enough to handle larger, longer spigot work. With an internal profile that accepts square turning blanks, and a rock-solid grip over 1-1/2" long, the jaws perform admirably, with minimal vibration. 

Pen mandrels can bend when you extend the mandrel tip into the tailstock center point. With the NOVA Pen Mandrel Saver, the mandrel shaft goes through the hollow live center, providing support without pressure. The pen bushings will rest against the center with little to no pressure on the mandrel shaft.

Only Need One Piece?
All Items Also Sold

556218 Pen Jaws ...   $54.99

556216 Pen Mandrel ...   $24.95

505603 M7/MV Tailstock Chuck Arbor ...   $22.86

556217 Mandrel Saver ...   $28.99


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