Nova 10-Piece
Lathe Live Center System

Meet the Most Versatile Live Center System Available For Today's Woodturner.

Meet the Most Versatile Live Center System Available For Today's Woodturner

Nova 10-Piece Lathe Live Center System

  1. Ball Bearing Live Center Body
  2. 60° Center Point
  3. Hollow Cup Center
  4. Small Hollow Cup Center Point
  5. Miniature Extension Center
  6. Double-Ended #2MT Threaded Insert
  7. Screw For Threaded Center (#6)
  8. Bolt For Threaded Center (#6)
  9. Stepped Cone Center
  10. Knock Out Bar
A Great Work-Holding Compliment For Your Shopsmith Lathe

A Great Work-Holding Compliment
For Your Shopsmith Lathe

Now, you can get a more positive, more wobble-free grip on both small and large spindle and faceplate turnings with this amazing, affordable 10-piece universal live center system from Nova of New Zealand.

Precision machined from premium tool steel, this is the only system featuring the exclusive stepped cone for convenient, super-fast mounting of workpieces.

The system includes:

3 Ball Bearing Live Center Body Hollow Cup Center Miniature Extension Center Threaded Insert Stepped Cone Center
  1. Massive 1-3/4" diameter x 2-1/8" Long Rotating Live Center Body, featuring three sealed ball bearings that eliminate vibration and play and significantly increase the system's load bearing capacity. It offers a #2 Morse taper nose and a 2-3/4" long #2 Morse taper shaft, both with hollow centers that will accept drill bits up to 3/8" diameter for center drilling
  2. 11/16" Diameter 60°, #2 Morse Taper Center Point for turning large spindles and supporting large faceplate turnings
  3. Hollow Cup Center with a 5/16" through hole that's ideal for holding soft or green woods with less chance of splitting
  4. 70° Tapered Point for the cup center. It's opposite end is also tapered to slip into a mating cup center taper
  5. 2" Long Miniature Extension Center with a 1/4" diameter x 5/8" long point that extends almost 1-1/2" from the nose of the body to provide clearance and support for small turnings such as pens
  6. 1-1/2" Long, Double-Ended #2 Morse Taper Insert that offers a 5/16"-18 internal thread on one end for the screw (#7) or bolt (#8) below... either of which can be used to hold shop-made fixtures or support devices of your own design for specialized turning tasks. Flip it end-for end and use the flat, non-threaded end to press against the insides of shallow faceplate turnings
  7. 2" Long Screw (hanger bolt) for #6 above... featuring a 5/16"-18 bolt on one end and a coarse threaded screw on the other
  8. 2" long, 5/16"-18 Bolt for #6 above.
  9. Nova-Exclusive Stepped Cone Center. One end offers a 7/8" deep inverted cone that tapers from 5/8" at the bottom to 1-13/16" at the top. It can be used in two different ways: #1: Attach it to the live center body using the insert (#6) above. When used in this fashion, the inverted cone will support either square or round stock without having to locate the exact workpiece centers. #2: Turn the center around and position its "cone" over the mating tapered end of the live center body. Now, you have a series of stepped diameters (approximately 1-1/8" • 1-3/16" • 1-3/8" • 1-9/16" • 1-3/4" • and 1-15/16") that can be slipped into holes or sockets in the workpiece or into large pressure discs of your own design for providing added outboard support. A very unique capability !
  10. 5-7/8" Long x 3/8" Diameter Knock-Out Bar for removing centers from the live center body

Independent Review and More Information

View a PDF copy of a highly detailed, information-packed independently-written article about the Nova Live Center System that was originally published in the Feb 2005 edition of More Woodturning Magazine.

This article will answer any additional questions you may have about the system.

Owners Manual for Nova 10-Piece Lathe Live Center System - PDF

556235 Nova 10-Piece Live Center System ...    $123.50

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