Shopsmith Riving Knife For Non-Through Cuts

Added Anti-Kickback Protection New From Shopsmith

Now You Can Avoid the Potential For Dangerous Kickbacks When Cutting Narrow Single or Multiple-pass Saw Blade Cuts In Any Direction For Grooves ... Rabbets... Half-laps, etc. on Your Shopsmith Mark 7 or Mark V Table Saw !

Slotted To Quickly and Easily Slip Into Position Works Equally Well For Straight or Bevel Cuts at any Depth

The riving knives on upper saw guard systems are positioned at the back side of the saw blade and are designed to prevent the saw kerf from closing onto the teeth of the rotating blade once the cut has been made.

When this kerf closing occurs, the potential for a dangerous kickback is increased significantly.

If your Mark V (model 505, 510 or 520) machine was manufactured after November of 1985, your upper saw guard mechanism includes a riving knife that's designed to prevent this kerf-closing when making through cuts. All of the new Mark 7's also include this system. For your own safety and protection, we advise you to always use this system when making through cuts on your Shopsmith table saw setup.

This new Non-Through-Cut Riving Knife will provide that same level of anti-kickback protection when making cuts where the blade does not pass all the way through the workpiece. Although the remaining wood that is not cut away from the stock during these non-through cuts will keep the kerf from closing on the blade, the workpiece could still rock or tilt slightly, permitting a wedging effect that could initiate a kickback. A wide metal Riving Knife at the outfeed side of the sawblade will prevent this wedging effect from occurring.

The knife is slotted to slip quickly and easily into the upper guard mounting system on your Mark V or Mark 7. Just drop it into position behind the lock plate on your machine's lower saw guard and tighten the plastic wing knob. A few seconds and you're ready to safely make your cut(s). Works equally well when making straight or bevel cuts at any depth.

Important Safety Information

Note: For MARK 7 and MARK V Models 520, 510 and 505 only. It does NOT work with the MARK V Model 500.

Owners Manual for Non-Thru Cut Riving Knife (PDF)

556223 Non-Through Riving Knife ...    $29.89

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