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New Products From Shopsmith

New Products from Shopsmith

A Great Selection of New Products from Shopsmith
To Help You Achieve Even Better Woodworking Results !

  • Shopsmith Mark 7 - a revolutionary update to Shopsmith's multipurpose tools. Now, with 7 functions and a state-of-the-art 1-3/4 hr DVR motor with 250 to 10,000 rpm speed range and forward / reverse operation.
  • Shopsmith PowerPro Upgrade - A remarkable upgrade offering the features Mark V owners have been requesting. Take your Mark V to the next level with more power, broader speed range, forward / reverse operation, super-smooth quiet operation, energy efficiency, built-in safety features, reduced maintenance and more.
  • Quick-Index Quill Feed Handle - Save time and work when re-positioning your quill feed handle with the 10-Position Quick-Index Quill Feed Handle. Powerful rare earth magnet and fail-safe indexing pin make handle re-positioning a breeze.
  • Mark V Double Tilt Base Upgrade - Upgrade your Mark V to the tilt-both-ways convenience of the Shopsmith Mark 7. This double tilt base upgrade turns your Mark V into an under-table router, shaper and drum sander... just like the Shopsmith Mark 7.
  • Shopsmith Vise Jaws Plans and Hardware - plans and hardware to make a sliding base and 16 accessory jaws for the quick-acting combination vise.
  • Shopsmith Fence Extensions - fence extensions let you increase the height or length of your rip fence for panel raising, line boring and more.
  • Woodworking Tips From Shopsmith E-Book CD - over 500 informative, work-saving woodworking tips. Conveniently in PDF, MOBI and EPUB formats for your computer or e-book reader.
  • Shopsmith Version Incra I-Box Box Joint Jig - make precise, tight-fitting box joints without time-consuming trial-and-error dado blade shimming.
  • Shopsmith Quick-Acting Combination Bench & Drill Press Vise - the most fully-featured and best-working model we've ever offered.
  • Easy Wood Tools Carbide Cutter Chisels - Extraordinary wood turning chisels for the accomplished and not-so-accomplished wood turners.
  • Shopsmith Premium Abrasives - cut four times faster and last four times longer.
  • Shopsmith 5/8" Keyless Drill Chuck - helps you work more efficiently and handles larger bits.
  • Mark 7 / Mark V Table-Raiser - This new gas spring Table-Raiser makes easy work of drill press table lifting and lowering.
  • Shopsmith Polycarbonate Stock Push Guides - These table saw push guides provide improved workpiece control while preventing dangerous workpiece lift-ups and kickbacks.
  • 6" Multi-Sand Drum Sanding - 2" High x 2-1/4" Diameter Multi-Sand Sleeves are your quick solution for proper three-grit drum sanding without switching between multiple drums!
  • Quill Twister - Meet the Shopsmith Quill Twister... the quick, effortless way to rotate and align the flat on your Shopsmith machine quill. Here's the solution to a problem that we've all faced at one time or another. You're working on a project and need to make some saw cuts. So, you've installed your lower saw guard and are ready to attach your saw blade to the quill of your Shopsmith. Unfortunately, the flat on your quill is not positioned in a spot where you can get your Allen wrench on the blade arbor to tighten it properly.
  • Stackable Featherboards - These 4-high stacking featherboards give you superior workpiece control and operator safety for many operations. It is just the ticket for applying consistent sideways pressure on wide or tall workpieces when panel-raising, edge grooving, bandsaw resawing or any of a host of similar operations.
  • Premium Casters - Set of 4 big 3" casters with soft, non-marring polyurethane tires, tough poly-olefin wheels, rugged 3/8" steel axles that roll super-smoothly on sealed ball bearings. Roll your Shopsmith effortlessly from location to location. Cuts your rolling effort by up to 60%.
  • Riving Knife For Non-Through Cuts - Now you can avoid the potential for dangerous kickbacks when cutting narrow single or multiple-pass dadoes or grooves, rabbets and half-laps on your Shopsmith Mark 7 or Mark V table saw.
  • Pattern Drum Sanding Guide - Shopsmith's pattern sanding guide package makes drum sanding multiple identical project components to exact size and shape a snap!
  • Nova 10-Piece Lathe Live Center System - Meet the most versatile live center system available for today's woodturner, a great work-holding compliment for your Shopsmith lathe. Get a positive, more wobble-free grip on both small and large spindle and faceplate turnings with this amazing, affordable universal live center system from Nova of New Zealand.
  • Speed / Conversion Chart - This laminated chart puts a wealth of time-saving workshop information right at your fingertips. Find the ideal speed for over 300 operation and more.
  • Wood Properties Chart - This laminated quick-reference chart is jam-packed with a wealth of information about the many different types of woods. Loads of invaluable data to help you select the best woods for the projects you're building in your shop.
  • True-Trac Track Saw System - It uses your current circular saw, riding on top of the track, not against it, for dead straight cuts with no kickback and no factoring-in blade offsets.
  • Nova G3 Woodturning Lathe Chuck Package - Top quality Shopsmith Nova lathe chuck gives you a solid grip on many types of lathe projects - and makes quick work of attaching & detaching turnings
  • Stay-Put Dust Collection Pickup and Clamp System - The 2-1/2" hose can be bent into practically and shape and stays where you aim it.
  • Premium See-Thru Crush-Proof Dust Collection hoses - Spot clogs in a flash, step on it without consequences. Also available in a 16' extended length.
  • Incra v120 Miter Gauge - enjoy dead-on miter gauge accuracy to within 1° the first time- every time. Also available a Shopsmith Adapter Plate for attaching your existing miter gauge jigs and fixtures.


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