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Upgrading The Shopsmith MARK V 500 To 510 To 520 DVD

Upgrading The Shopsmith MARK V 500 To 510 To 520 DVD

Taking up where the instruction sheet leaves off! Not only do we give a vintage 1964 Shopsmith MARK V "Goldie" a complete makeover, we explain how to use and integrate all it's new parts into a versatile, up-to-date woodworking system.

Bring your MARK V into the 21st Century!
Woodworking author/craftsman Nick Engler shows you how to upgrade a Shopsmith MARK V from an older Model 500 to a good-as-new Model 510 in just an hour and a half. He then takes the 510 and upgrades that to a Model 520 in half an hour. Two complete upgrades in two hours, using nothing more than screwdrivers, wrenches and Shopsmith's unique upgrade kits. If you're thinking of giving your trustworthy MARK V a new life with a larger main table, auxiliary work surfaces, increased stability, precision, and safety, these vides show you how simple and easy it is to do. Plus, Nick shares dozens of tips and tricks on tear down, assembly, and alignment, and adjustment to help your upgrade project progress quickly and smoothly.

Watch as DVD or as Podcast

Upgrading The Shopsmith MARK V
500 To 510 To 520 DVD

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