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Restoring a Neglected Shopsmith MARK V CD/DVD

Order this 158-minute video and restore your older Shopsmith MARK V to prime operating condition for improved precision and better woodworking results

This great HOW-TO video from Nick Engler begins with an in-depth review of What to look for when buying a used Shopsmith MARK V…including potential problems with the Headstock, Quill, Way Tubes, Carriage, Table and Accessories. From there, Nick leads you step-by-step through a four section process that includes:

How to tear down and inspect the 13 primary Headstock components
In this segment, Nick will show you:
• How to remove the Headstock from the Way Tubes
• How to inspect the Belts and Sheaves for proper operation
• How to remove and inspect the primary components of the Speed Changer   mechanism
• How to remove and inspect the Idler and Arbor Shafts
• How to remove and inspect the various components of the Quill for proper operation
• How to remove and inspect the Power Switch and Motor
• How to inspect the Headstock and Table Carriage Wedge Locks

How to decide which Headstock components to keep and which to replace In this segment, Nick will walk you through cleaning all of the primary components thoroughly; partially re-assembling the components to check for proper operation; determining whether you have a single or double bearing Quill; and making any required wiring and motor repairs, then testing for proper operation

How to remove and prevent rust and corrosion Nick begins this segment with a look at how corrosion forms, then walks you through the process of removing any problematic corrosion with solvents, tools and ordinary household products. Finally, he shows you how to use waxes and protectants of various types to prevent future corrosion problems

How to upgrade your MARK V In this segment, Nick walks you through the differences between the three MARK V models, then shows you step-by-step how to upgrade a Model 500 to a Model 510…and a Model 510 to a Model 520.

From here, he demonstrates how the Model 520 Pro Fence Upgrade helps you achieve the most accurate results through tying the Main Worktable and Auxiliary Tables together more firmly for added rigidity and ensured Rip Fence parallelism.

DVD - Restoring a Shopsmith Mark V
Price $29.99 Sale Price $20.99
Status: Item is available.

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