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MARK V Essentials   
DVD/DVD-ROM – Volume 1

MARK V Essentials CD/DVD – Volume 1

Here’s a 76-minute video introduction to the Amazing Shopsmith MARK V …and the first three of its five basic functions

If you’ve been wondering whether or not the Shopsmith MARK V Multipurpose Woodworking System is for you…or have just purchased or inherited a new or used machine and would like to see it put through its paces…this great Nick Engler hosted CD / DVD is most definitely for you.

In this video, Nick will begin by introducing you to the concept behind this well-known American Legend and describe the main components of the machine and how they function together.

From this introduction, Nick will continue with in-depth discussions of…:
How to set-up and use the MARK V Table Saw, including the different blades that are available; how to mount them; positioning the Worktable; making vital adjustments; using safety devices; and working with the Miter Gauge, Rip Fence and optional CrosscutSliding Table.
How to set-up and use the MARK V Drill Press, including raising the machine into vertical position; adjusting the Worktable for drilling; installing the Drill Chuck and bits properly; using the Rip Fence and Miter Gauge for controlling the workpiece and performing repetitive operations; setting the Depth Stop; adjusting the speed and using the Telescoping Legs for added workpiece support.
How to set-up and use the Horizontal Boring Machine, including adjusting the Worktable height; using the Rip Fence as a backstop; adjusting the Depth Stop and using the Miter Gauge to ensure perpendicularity.

NOTE:  For the complete MARK V Essentials story, we recommend that you order both Parts 1 and 2 of this video, and have established a special discounted price for ordering both parts (see below).

MARK V Essentials DVD/DVD-ROM Volume 1
Price $29.99
Status: Item is available.

MARK V Essentials DVD/DVD-ROM Volume 2 MORE INFO
Price $29.99
Status: Item is available.
MARK V Essentials DVD/DVD-ROM Vol. 1 & 2
Price $49.98

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