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Shopsmith Sawdust Session – Volume 1 DVD/DVD-ROM FROM SHOPSMITH & NICK ENGLER

Shopsmith Sawdust Session – Volume 1  

This six-part, 111-minute Sawdust Session video is filled with how-to tips and techniques for using some of Shopsmith’s most popular and most mysterious MARK V accessories

Here’s a great video from Nick Engler that’s jam-packed with great tips and techniques for selecting the right tools for your shop, setting-up what is probably the MARK V’s most important component and using four of our most popular MARK V accessories.

It’s a great video, loaded with interesting and informative information that’s bound to make you a better woodworker. Here’s what you’ll find in this great Nick Engler video:
How to perform hollow chisel mortising with the Shopsmith Mortising Attachment In this segment, Nick will lead you through sharpening the Mortising Chisel for optimal performance, then setting-up the various components of the hollow chisel system and using it to cut perfectly sized mortises.
How to perform slot mortising with Shopsmith’s Overarm Pin Router Nick begins this segment with a look at using a Mortising Gauge to mark out your mortise, then walks you through installing the proper router bit; adjusting the position of your back-up Fence; setting your bit depth; making the cuts; and using a bench chisel to square the rounded ends of your cuts. How to align the MARK V Worktable precisely This is clearly the most important of all MARK V alignments… and one that Nick covers thoroughly in this important 21-minute segment.
How to use the Shopsmith Conical Disc Sander Nick begins this segment with an explanation of the differences between flat Sanding Discs and Conical Discs, then explains how they work, how to set them up, and how to use them for sanding the edges of workpieces to a super-smooth finish.
A drill bit primer Been wondering which type of drill bit to use for which type of job ? In this informative session, Nick explains the differences between the types of bits and why you should choose one over another for the job you have to tackle.
Stop Collar vernier scales Shopsmith’s Adjustable Stop Collar has become one of our most popular accessories ever since its introduction a couple of years ago. It’s the perfect choice for raising and lowering the MARK V’s Worktable or post-mounted Extension Tables by small, ultra-precise amounts. In this segment, Nick demonstrates a paper vernier scale that can be attached to the Stop Collar for making those ultra-precise adjustments.

Shopsmith Sawdust Session Volume 1 DVD/DVD-ROM
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