Shopsmith Safety Kit

Award-Winning Shopsmith Safety Kit Keeps Hands Out of Harm's Way

Award-Winning Shopsmith Safety Kit

Experienced woodworkers recommend the use of these accessories for safety.

In March of 1985, Shopsmith was honored during the National Safety Council's 1984 Awards for Achievement in Product Safety Consumer Product Category for the development of the Shopsmith Safety Kit... a set consisting of four ingenious devices that have often been copied by others. The objective of this program is to recognize organizations which have significantly contributed to public safety.

The Shopsmith Safety Kit is a winner. Each item gives you positive control over the workpiece and provides an extra cushion of safety between you and the blade, cutter, or knife.

Kit Includes: Push Stick • (2) Rubber-Soled Push Blocks • Feather Board (holds stock against fences) • Fence Straddler (for ripping).

521675 Shopsmith 5-Piece Safety Kit
(for Mark 7 and Mark V model 520) ...    $95.53

505973 Shopsmith 5-Piece Safety Kit
(for Mark V models 500, 505 and 510) ...    $95.53


Also Available Individually

A: Push Stick The push stick is used to guide small to medium sized stock. Place the foot on top of the stock and hook the heel over the back edge.

B: Push Block The push block is used to hold down and guide the stock. As you press down, forward, and to the side, the rubber pad grips the stock. The handle is tilted to help keep your hands out of the danger zone.

C: Feather Board The feather board is used to press stock against the rip fence or the table. Mount the feather board in a table slot, in the slot of a fence extension, or clamp it to the table. The fingers must be angled in the same direction that you feed the stock-use the arrow on top of the feather board as a guide. Position the fingers so they press against the stock just before it gets to the blade or cutter, then tighten the locking knobs. To reverse the direction of the fingers, remove the mounting bar, turn the feather board over, then replace the bar.

D: Fence Straddler The fence straddler is used to hold down and guide small narrow stock past a blade or cutter. The body rides on the rip fence, while the heel hooks over the back edge of the stock. To change the height of the heel, loosen the locking knob. To reverse the heel, rotate the side 180°. Be sure the locking knob is secure before using the straddler.

518221 Push Stick ...    $9.97

518220 Push Block ...    $27.49

518215 Feather Board ...    $16.96

518218 Fence Straddler Mark V models 505 and 510 ...    $26.97

521107 Fence Straddler Mark 7 and Mark V model 520 ...    $22.90


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