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Safety First - Every Woodworker's Number One Priority!

Shop safety begins with a healthy respect for your woodworking machines. A favorite tool might seem like an old friend, but donít let familiarity breed carelessness. Keep your distance from whirling blades and dress protectively. Wear close fitting clothes and roll your sleeves so they wonít get caught in the machinery.
Decide which safety equipment you need to wear. Whenever there is danger of flying wood chips, wear a Face Shield or Safety Goggles. These eye protectors shouldnít be uncomfortable. Make sure they fit snugly, but not too tight, and that they donít obscure your vision. Keep ventilation holes open so they wonít fog up while your working.
If youíre sanding, spray painting, or filling the air with lots of fine particles, wear a Dust Mask. Fine sawdust can accumulate in your lungs and itís potentially harmful. The sawdust from some exotic hardwoods can be toxic. Become thoroughly familiar with the hazards of your materials and make sure the filter in your mask is fine enough to screen out the dust.
When you work continually around power equipment, Hearing Protectors can be just as important as eye protectors. High frequencies generated by high-speed electric motors will impair your hearing. You canít see the danger like dust or flying chips, but itís there just the same. The effects of high-frequencies are cumulative; each prolonged exposure will affect your hearing microscopically. Over the years, youíll begin to notice the loss. A good set of hearing protectors will prevent this by screening out the high frequencies, but still allow you to carry on normal conversations.
Stop working when youíre tired and always know where your hands are in relation to cutting blades. Use proper protective toolsÖespecially when cutting or shaping wood. Push blocks, push sticks and other components of our Safety Kit will enable you to keep your hands away from danger.
Remember to remove all jewelry, ties and loose clothing. Tie up any long, flowing hair. Keep your work area clean of sawdust and chips. Keep your machine tables free of nails and hand tools. Discuss safety issues with anyone who will be working or watching in your shop. Keep a Class C fire extinguisher handy at all times. Plan your work, and work your plan. If you need assistance, get help before you turn on your machines. Keep your tools sharp and clean. Use all recommended safety equipment ­ machine guards, cut-out switches, electrical grounds, and so on.
Be safe and enjoy woodworking, the unselfish hobby!

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