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Choosing the right clamps brings your project together!

There is  an unwritten law that says, “You never have enough clamps.” But, if you choose your clamping tools carefully, you can get a lot of versatility out of relatively few clamps.
Double Bar Clamps - Wide panel glue-ups are made much easier by using Double Bar Clamps, a unique, two-way clamping system that holds your workpieces perfectly flat while it squeezes them together.
3-Way Edge Clamps are ideal for gluing veneer tape or solid hardwood edges onto plywood shelves, etc. They’re very inexpensive and will save you a great deal of time when performing this specialized operation.

Some tips on clamping:

  • To make sure all joints fit properly, dry-clamp all components before gluing.
  • Mark all workpieces carefully before clamping and gluing for accurate assembly.
  • Use a Double Bar Clamp or alternate Aluminum Bar Clamps (one above and one below) when gluing edge-to-edge to prevent buckling.
  • Use small pieces of scrapwood as protectors to avoid marring workpiece surfaces.
  • Small rubber bands, clothespins, and stationary binder clips make great clamps for many different jobs.
  • Always maintain a liberal coat of linseed oil on hand screws to prevent glue build-up on the jaw

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