Dial Indicator Set-Up Alignment Gauge

Set-up or Tune-up Your Tools and Operations With Precision, Using This Dial Gauge

Set-Up or Tune-Up Your Tools with Precision

This gauge will help you align your Mark 7 or Mark V work table, rip fence or miter gauge pre-sets for precise cuts, time-after-time. Align your miter gauge to an exact 45° or 90° setting. Achieve the smoothest edges and surfaces by match-setting your jointer knives. Micro-adjust the offset of shaper and router table fences. Set the depth-of-cut for saw blades, dado blades, router bits and more with amazing accuracy. Measure the depths of holes or dadoes ... the list goes on.

Includes: • Large 2-1/4" Diameter Dial Indicator, graduated in 1/1000 (.001") with a full 1" range • Set of 22 Interchangeable Indicator Points for tackling the toughest measuring jobs • Special Mounting Block with Adjustable Bracket • 5" Long Miter Bar and • Easy-To-Follow Illustrated Instructions for use.

555884 Shopsmith Dial Indicator Set Up Gauge ...    $84.69

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No more fiddling around... no more guesswork! In it, you'll learn • How to align the main worktable with the saw blade • How to align the miter gauge & rip fence to the worktable miter gauge slots • How to align the worktable with the drill chuck • How to align the floating tables & extension tables.

Please Note: Packaging may vary from picture.

556062 Critical Mark V Alignments DVD ...    $29.99

Get the Alignment Package with Both Items and Save!

556110 Alignment Package - Dial Indicator and DVD ...    $98.71

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