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Shopsmith Multi-Sand Drum Sanding

Quick Solution For Proper Three-Grit Drum Sanding Without Switching Between Multiple Drums !

The experts will tell you that achieving the highest quality, smoothest wood finish must start with a smooth surface. And achieving that smoothness usually means progressively sanding freshly sawn workpiece edges with coarse, medium and fine abrasives. Skip a step here and you'll get results that are less than desirable.

If the smoothness you seek is to be on a curved edge or surface of a workpiece, the best tool for the job will probably be a drill press-mounted stationary drum sander.

The Normal (Though NOT Ideal) 3-Step Changeover Process

First, install a coarse sleeve to remove the majority of the machining marks left by your bandsaw, scroll saw or sabre saw. Then, repeat the process by removing the coarse sleeve from your drum and replacing it with a medium sleeve for the next step. When you're satisfied with your results here, repeat the process once again by replacing the medium sleeve with a fine sleeve and complete your final step. Face it... that's probably more sleeve-changing than you would prefer. ...Right?

Multi-Sand Sleeves Eliminate the Changeovers and
Get the Job Done Faster !

What if you could cut those three installation steps down to just one - and spend more time sanding and less time changing? Now you can, thanks to Shopsmith's new Multi-Sand Drum Sleeves. Quite frankly, when we came up with this logical solution just recently, we looked at each other across the table, smacked ourselves in the foreheads and thought... “Duhhh... why didn't we think of this sooner?”.

We've had a 6" high drum sander for years --- and if you're like many Shopsmith customers, you already own one - so, “You're practically ready, Teddy” !

Here's How It Works (as if we have to explain it)

Take out your 6" Drum Sander (if you don't yet own one, see our special package offer below). Install one of our new 2" high x 2-1/4" diameter fine grit Multi-Sand Sleeves, sliding it all the way to the top of the drum... followed by a 2" medium grit sleeve, and finally a 2" coarse grit sleeve. You're done - and ready to start sanding.

First a Coarse Sleeve To Remove the Majority of the Machining Marks Next A Medium Sleeve And A Fine Sleeve To Complete the Final Step

Remember, your Mark V (or Mark 7) gives you 4-1/4" of up-down quill travel. That means you can go through all three steps of the sanding process on any piece of stock up to 1" thick by simply moving your quill down for each subsequent step. No sleeve changing, no fooling around. Nothing could be simpler... or faster.

Getting Started Is Amazingly Affordable !

If you already own our 6" high drum sander, all you need to get started is a package of our assorted Multi-Sand Sleeves for just $13.95... plus... (if you want dust collection capabilities) ...a drum Sander Vacuum Attachment... and our Drum Sanding Vacuum Attachment Extender & Bolts. If you don't yet own a 6" high drum sander or any of the optional drum sanding table inserts or vacuum attachments... order the appropriate Multi Sand Starter Package and get it all for only $124.90 (MARK 7 & Mark V Models 505, 510, & 520) or $124.90 (Mark V Model 500) !

Complete Multi-Sand Starter Package Includes: 6" x 2-1/4" Drum Sander • 1 Each Coarse, Medium and Fine 2" Sanding Sleeves • Vacuum Attachment • Vacuum Extender and • Table Insert

Complete Multi-Sand Drum Sanding Starter Packages

556256 Complete Multi-Sand Drum Sanding Starter Package
(Mark V Model 505, 510, 520 and Mark 7) ...   $124.90

556255 Complete Multi-Sand Drum Sanding Starter Package
(Mark V Model 500) ...   $124.90


Multi-Sand Sanding Sleeves

556253 (9) Assorted 2"x2-1/4" Multi-Sand Sanding Sleeves
(3 ea. coarse, medium and fine) ...   $13.95

556252 (9) Coarse (60 grit) 2"x2-1/4" Multi-Sand Sanding Sleeves ...   $13.95

556251 (9) Medium (80 grit) 2"x2-1/4" Multi-Sand Sanding Sleeves ...   $13.95

556250 (9) Fine (100 grit) 2"x2-1/4" Multi-Sand Sanding Sleeves ...   $13.95

6" x 2-1/4" Drum Sander

556254 6" x 2-1/4" Drum Sander
(Includes 1 ea. coarse, medium and fine sleeves) ...   $69.97

Table Inserts

555119 Drum Sanding Table Insert (Mark 7 and Mark V models 505 510 520) ...   $35.97

556267 Drum Sanding Table Insert (Mark V models 500) ...   $43.67


Dust Collection

Extender Vacuum Attachment and Extender - Shown with Mark 7 Table Insert

Note: Extender is required for those who already own the correct drum sander table insert & drum sander vacuum attachment)

556257 Drum Sander Vacuum Attachment and Extender (for use with your Mark 7 or Mark V Models 505, 510 and 520 insert) ...   $37.51

556265 Drum Sander Vacuum Attachment and Extender (for use with your Mark V Model 500 insert) ...   $37.51

556268 Extender (with bolts and spacers) (for use with your Mark 7 or Mark V Models 505, 510 and 520 insert and vacuum attachment) ...   $37.35

556269 Extender (with bolts and spacers) (for use with your Mark V Model 500 insert and vacuum attachment) ...   $32.47

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