Shopsmith Molding Knives

Shopsmith Molding Knives

Say Goodbye. Shopsmith will no longer be carrying Molding Knives. We are offering a 25% discount on all in stock Molding Knives. Buy them while they Last!

Note: Molder heads purchased prior to September 2011 require the "older-style" molding knives. Recent molder heads use the "new-style" molding knives.

1. Cloverleaf

Cloverleaf Molding Knives

522846 Cloverleaf Molding Knives (new-style)... 20.85   Buy

5. Bead & Quarter-Round

Bead and Quarter-Round Molding Knives

505564 Bead and Quarter-Round Molding Knives (older-style)... 18.95   Buy

6. 5/8" Cove

5/8-Inch Cove Molding Knives

505565 5/8" Cove Molding Knives (older-style)... 20.85   Buy

15. Vee Groove

Vee Groove Molding Knives

505574 Vee Groove Molding Knives (older-style)... 20.85   Buy

19. 3-Flute (mirror image of #2)

3-Flute Molding Knives

522864 3-Flute Molding Knives (new-style)... 20.85   Buy

22. Drop-Leaf Bead (mirror image of #21)

Drop-Leaf Bead Molding Knives

515415 Drop-Leaf Bead Molding Knives (older-style)... 20.85   Buy

23. 3/16" Bead & Cove (mirror image of #24)

3/16-inch Bead and Cove Molding Knives

555038 3/16" Bead & Cove Molding Knives (older-style)... 20.67   Buy

25. 1/2" Flute (mirror image of #26)

1/2-inch Flute Molding Knives

555040 1/2" Flute Molding Knives (older-style)... 20.85   Buy

30. Door-Rail Coper (mirror image of #29)

522875 Door-Rail Coper Molding Knives (new-style)... 20.85   Buy


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