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Enjoy all the capabilities of the latest, most up-to-date MARK V Systems with these special upgrade packages

If you own an older model MARK V (Model 500 or 510), Shopsmith has an Upgrade Package that will help you advance your woodworking capabilities to the level that best suits your needs. This information describes the components of each Package. Just match-up your requirements with the appropriate Package to arrive at the decision that's best for you.

The Shopsmith MARK V Model 510 Table System upgrade…
Added workpiece support and performance for your Model 500 MARK V

Bring increased workpiece support and enhanced jigging & fixturing capabilities to your older Model 500 Shopsmith MARK V with our Pro Fence & Table System Upgrade

Attention MARK V Model 510 Owners…
Upgrade your MARK V to our Pro Fence System with this special Package

General MARK V Upgrades

Shopsmith’s Retractable Casters provide added mobility

Table Saw Upgrades

MARK V Model 500 Rip Fence upgrade offers great benefits

Upgrade your MARK V Model 505 to the 520/Pro Fence & Rail Upgrade

Upgrade your MARK V Model 505 to the Model 510 with the MARK V Model Extension Table Upgrade

Model 500 to Model 510
Model 500 to Pro Fence
Model 505 to 510
Model 505 to Pro Fence
Model 510 to Pro Fence
General MARK V Upgrades
MARK V Retractable Casters
Table Saw Upgrades
Model 500 Rip Fence Upgrade
Rip Scale Upgrade Kit for Model 520