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Shopsmith Mark 7 / Mark V Casters

Shopsmith's retractable casters make moving your Mark 7 or Mark V around the shop an effortless snap !

Shopsmith Retractable Casters

These rugged retractable casters have been made especially for the Shopsmith Mark 7 and Mark V, almost since day one. Hundreds of thousands of sets have been in use for nearly 50 years... and failures of any kind are practically unheard-of.

Made of a rugged die-cast aluminum with solid steel rods, they feature a spring-loaded mechanism that offers three settings:

  • Step once on the actuator and your Mark 7/Mark V raises 1/4" off the ground for rolling over smooth surfaces
  • Step twice on the actuator and the ground clearance increases to 1/2"
  • A third step allows your Mark 7/Mark V to settle gently back onto the ground when you're ready to go to work.

Each set features 2" diameter rubber wheels that swivel a full 360° for effortless directional changes and all the nuts and bolts you need for fast, simple attachment to the pre-drilled holes in your Mark 7/Mark V's legs... in about a half an hour !

Once you've had a set of these you'll wonder how you've done without them !

Additionally, many customers have told us that they have even adapted these casters to workbenches, shop cabinets, stationary tools, and other uses around the shop.

555354 Shopsmith Retractable Casters ...    $115.72

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