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Choose from a full complement of over 300 MARK V Accessories. They’ll help you tackle practically any operation with ease!
No other Woodworking System can match the variety of versatile, work-saving accessories offered by the Shopsmith MARK V System. NONE!
So, when you're ready to move ahead to more complex projects, your Shopsmith MARK V System is ready to move ahead with you. It's the most expandable, Complete Home Shop in the World.

Work smarter - Grow faster
Successful woodworking depends on  learning new skills and sometimes, specialized tools will help you learn those skills faster.  Here's an example.
To make some attractive, oak tongue-and-groove wainscoting for the walls of your dining room, you could cut the mating  joints with multiple passes of a sawblade or dado set. Tedious, but it can be done.
Or…you could save work by using a tongue-and-groove knife set with a Molder or Shaper set-up.

Timeless accessories from Shopsmith
With very few exceptions, the Accessories we develop for today's Model 510 and
520 MARK V's will work with the Model 500 MARK V your father or grandfather bought in 1953 . . . and that’s a tradition we plan to continue into the future. So, remember . . . when you're ready to build your skills into new territory, we're ready to help you do just that.

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