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Shopsmith MARK V Upgrades

Shopsmith Products are Upgradeable

The Shopsmith Mark V was introduced over 60 years ago in 1953. Until then, there was nothing else like it. With very few changes through the years, this amazing Home Workshop Wonder looked and worked pretty much the same then as it does now. A true testament to its timeless design.

60-Year History of Upgrade-ability

Since 1953 there have been many upgrades... more powerful motors, improved drive systems, larger worktables and a host of new accessories... ALL of which have been adaptable to ALL Mark Vs -- even those originally built in 1953.

Shopsmith PowerPro Headstock -- The Ultimate Upgrade

Shopsmith PowerPro Headstock -- The revolutionary new PowerPro Headstock is the ultimate upgrade for your machine. It has • 1-3/4 or 2 (selectable) HP instead of the 3/4 HP of an original MARK V • 250 to 10,000rpm (rather than the 700 to 5200 of a MARK V) • Digital touch pad controls rather than a rotate-able crank • Forward and reverse motor directions • Virtually maintenance-free and more. Read all about it here

Upgraded Worktable Systems -- Two table systems are available as upgrades, the model 510 and 520 systems. Both add a bit 17-1/2" x 22" work table surface (48% bigger), increased 98" ripping capacity, see-through upper guard with riving knife, and more. The model 520 system adds a more versatile pro fence and direct-reading rip fence scales. Click on the links below for all the details:

Add Under-Table Operations -- The double tilt base is the perfect upgrade for Shopsmith owners who prefer the under-table approach to routing and shaping. Click here for the details.

Double Bearing Quill -- The two bearing quill adds greater stability with less runout and wobble. See more information here.

1-1/8 HP Conventional Motor -- Not ready for the PowerPro upgrade yet, but need more power than an older 3/4 hp motor. Replace your MARK V motor with a more powerful 1-1/8 hp motor. Click Here.

Other MARK V Model 500 Upgrades -- A number of upgrades are available for those who wish to continue to stay with the original model 500 system.

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