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Starter Package for 520, 510, 505

Get the essential accessories you need to enjoy all five basic functions of your Shopsmith MARK V… and save money, too !

Shopsmith’s 20-Piece Essentials Package gives you the ideal collection of accessories to help you enjoy the benefits of your MARK V’s five basic functions.

Recently bought or inherited a used MARK V ?

Frequently, Shopsmith MARK Vs are sold or passed along to newer generations of woodworkers WITHOUT important accessories. As a result, those who are fortunate enough to get these machines quickly discover that they lack the basic items they need to start enjoying their five basic functions.
Often, these items are retained by previous owners or simply lost over the years. In other cases, they’re sold separately on E-Bay or through other methods.
In either event, they’re missing…and therefore, these new owners miss-out on all the benefits their previously-owned MARK Vs can provide.
If you fall into this category…or if your basic MARK V accessories have been lost or misplaced while your machine has set idle for a number of years – and you’re anxious to start enjoying all the pleasures these versatile machines can provide…NOW is a great time to replace those vital accessories…and do so at an attractive price !

This 20-piece Package includes:
2 Retractable Casters These specially designedCasters allow you to raise or lower your MARK V with a step on their convenient foot pedals when you need to move it around the shop.
5-Pc Lathe Chisel Set Gives you a 1” Gouge, 3/8” Gouge, 1” Skew, 1/2” Roundnose and 1/2” Parting Tool so you can discover what many consider to be the most creative of all woodworking operations.
3-3/4” Lathe Faceplate Perfect for turning, bowls, vases, cups and similar types of lathe projects.
5-Pc Brad Point Drill Bit Set There’s nothing like a brad point drill bit for making clean-sided, perfectly-centered holes in wood…and these are among the highest quality bits on the market. Includes 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4” sizes.
6 Assorted 12” Sandpaper Discs You get one coarse, two medium and three fine grit open coat aluminum oxide discs that are long-lasting and resistant to “loading”.
Full Length Blue Denim Shop Apron 28” x 36” in size and made of machine washable blue denim with a huge 15” x 6” pocket in the front for holding all types of tools. The perfect clothing protector for lathe turning and other woodworking operations.

506916 Starter Package for 520, 510, 505 ...   $299.99
(Item may be on back-order or is made upon ordering)

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