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Individual Lathe Chisels


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Sharpening Lathe Chisels SS104
Glue-Ups for Patterned Turnings SS109

Made of high-quality tool steel to take and hold a keen cutting edge. Comfortable hardwood handles.

A. A 3/8-inch Gouge for cutting coves and roughing stock to make it round. (ITEM DISCONTINUED)
B. A 1/2-inch Parting Tool for grooving, cutting shoulders, sizing cuts and separating your project from the scrap.
C. A 1-inch Gouge for cutting coves and roughing stock to make it round (ITEM DISCONTINUED)
D. A 1-inch Skew with a straight, slanted edge for cutting beads, smoothing and forming round shapes. (ITEM DISCONTINUED)
E. A 1/2-inch Roundnose for bowls & other faceplate-mounted projects. (ITEM DISCONTINUED)

Parting Tool
Price $24.24
Status: Item is available.

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