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Lathe Centers


A. Lathe Drive Center grips your turnings securely --
Four-spur Center "drives" your workpiece during lathe operations. Just use a mallet to drive the spurs into the centerpoint of your stock and attach it to the MARK V spindle with a single setscrew. Standard with MARK V.

B. Lathe Cup Center supports non-driven end of spindles while turning --
Designed for use on the Shopsmith MARK V or any tailstock having a #2 Morse Taper. Allows workpiece to spin freely when powered by the Drive Center. Standard with MARK V.

C. Lathe Live Center provides for smooth, friction-free
turning without messy lubricants
Premier-quality Lathe Live Center features precision ball bearing construction for friction-free tip rotation without the need for beeswax or similar lubricants. As a result, your workpiece will turn more smoothly and quietly without the fear of unsightly burning, which, under certain circumstances, can allow your non-bearing Cup Center to loosen its grip on your stock and effect the accuracy of your cuts. Its #2 Morse taper shaft slips easily into your MARK V’s Lathe Tailstock.

Replacement Points are available for this Center in case you accidentally drop it on a hard shop floor and bend the Point. At only $7.36, we suggest that you order one with your Live Center to avoid “down time” in the event of such an accident.

To replace, simply grip the Point with a pair of pliers and pull it out. If it doesn’t remove easily, grasp the outer bearing race, unscrew the Morse Taper shaft, then use a punch to remove the damaged Point. Apply a liquid thread locker to the shaft and re-install. Install the new Point, place a piece of wood over the tip and tap it with a mallet.

IMPORTANT: This Live Center is required when using Shopsmith’s Lathe Duplicator (555638).

D. Lathe Screw Center is ideal for small turnings --
Especially designed for turning small diameter workpieces from 1-inch to 5-inches long without using a Tailstock Center.

Lathe Drive Center
Price $29.99
Status: Item is available.

Lathe Cup Center
Price $22.99
Status: Item is available.

Tailstock Live Center
Price $41.99
Status: Item is available.

Lathe Screw Center
Price $27.03
Status: Item is available.

Replacement Live Center Point
Price $7.36
Status: Item is available.
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