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Easy Wood Tools Carbide-Cutter Hollowing Chisels

Easy Wood Tools Hollowing Chisels Offer a Quick, Easy Way To Turn the Most Challenging Hollow Form Shapes !

Pro Easy Wood Tools #3 Hollower with 1/2" x 1" x 9.5" Tool Bar and 20" Premium American Hickory Handle Full-Size Easy Wood Tools #3 Hollower with 1/2" x 1" x 9.5" Tool Bar and 16" Maple Handle Mid-Size Easy Wood Tools Hollower Set with 14" Maple Handles

Until now, the hollowed form has been a fairly difficult type of turning that was reserved for only the most experienced turners. But now, Easy Wood Tools' Easy Hollowers™ make hollowing and undercutting bowl rims easy and fun for everyone. That's because they offer flat-bottomed, stainless Widebody Tool Bars™ that make them easy to keep flat on your tool rest with matchless stability. As a result, you can count on always achieving the ideal presentation of the cutter to the workpiece.

Flat-Bottomed Widebody Tool Bars For Matchless Stability

Flat-Bottomed, Stainless Widebody Tool Bars™

make it easy to keep flat on your tool rest for matchless stability

Straight Neck to begin Your Hollow Form

Easy Hollower #1 ...features a straight neck and is used to begin your hollow forms and undercut where you can. It works in holes down to 3/4" in diameter and reaches 4-1/2" over the tool rest

Slightly Curved Neck for intermediate clearing

Easy Hollower #2 ...features a slightly curved neck and is used for clearing out the intermediate area in your hollow form turnings

Fully Curved Neck for hollowing up to the lip

Easy Hollower #3 ...features a full curved neck and makes hollowing through the curve up to the lip of the opening an easy task

Pro Easy Hollower #3

The Easy Wood Tools Pro #3 Hollower has a fully curved neck and features a 1/2" thick x 1" wide tool bar and 20" Premium American Hickory handle.

523032 Pro #3 Hollower with Full Curved Neck
20" Hickory Handle and 1/2" Thick x 1" Wide Tool Bar ...   $9,999.99

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