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Easy Wood Tools Accessories and Replacement Cutters

Easy Wood Tools Cutters

We offer a full complement of replacement and specialized cutters for Easy Wood Tools chisels, including the three standard cutters for all sizes of roughers, detailers and finishers -- plus two radiused rougher cutters for making heavy cuts as well as final passes -- and two additional cutters for hollower chisels.

Full Complement of Replacement and Specialized Cutters for Easy Wood Tools chisels

Having additional cutters on-hand serves two distinct purposes. First and foremost your work won't have to stop in the event you've already rotated your primary Cutters through their full range of fresh edges. Secondly, many customers like keeping fresh cutters on-hand for making the final, smoothing passes on their projects. When they're ready to do so, they simply switch to fresh cutters... then switch back to their originals when they've finished.

Eventually, these final pass cutters become the replacements for their originals and they order another new set to use for making final pass cuts.

About the Radiused Rougher Cutters

R2 Rougher Cutters are available for all Easy Wood Tool rougher chisel sizes... from Easy Start through Pro. Each of the four edges is ground with a 2" radius for making final passes on straight surfaces and the outside edges of larger curved surfaces.

R4 Rougher Cutters are available for Full-Size and Pro rougher chisels. Each of the four edges is ground with a larger 4" radius, making them an excellent choice when you need to perform heavy roughing cuts without fear of the corners digging-in.

Both Radiused Roughing Cutters have corners that are also slightly radiused. This also helps you avoid snags and grabs.

Note: All cutters are shipped with a fresh cutter screw.

523036 4" Radius Rougher Cutter (Full-Size & Pro)
Regularly: $14.99   Sale Price: $8.99 -- You Save $6.00

523037 Round Finishing Cutter (Full-Size & Pro Finishers)
Regularly: $26.99   Sale Price: $16.19 -- You Save $10.80

523038 Round Mid-Size Finishing Cutter (Mid-Size Hollower)
Regularly: $18.99   Sale Price: $11.39 -- You Save $7.60

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