Euroguard - Flip-Up Safety Guard

Euroguard collapses To 2-5/8" High Euroguard Extends To 4-1/2" High

Euroguard Flip-Up, Telescoping Safety Guard

Euroguard Shield Extends From
2-5/8" To

EuroGuard delivers fast, hassle-free tool changeovers,
improved dust collection efficiency and added workshop safety !

Shopsmith's all new, flip-up EuroGuard delivers fast, easy tool changeovers without having to remove the guard or fumble around with shields that are in your way -PLUS- you'll also enjoy the kinds of dust collection efficiency and safety you may have been denying yourself. And it does it all in an affordable, convenient package !

Euroguard Flips Up - Out of Your Way

Spring-Loaded Guard Flips Up, Out Of Your Way For Fast, Easy Tool Changeovers

Ideal For Drum Sanding, Drilling, Routing and More!

Ideal For Drum Sanding, Drilling, Routing and More!

Simply attach this amazing 3-1/2" diameter guard to your Mark 7 or Mark V quill with a single 5/32" capscrew and you're ready to go to work.

To change from one quill-mounted tool to another, just flip the spring-loaded guard up and out of your way... make your changeover... then flip it back down to begin work. No tools required. Nothing could be simpler !

PLUS - when you need extra protection for working with taller sanding drums, long drill bits and more, simply loosen the two shield wing nuts to extend the guard's height from 2-5/8" to 4-1/2" (or anywhere in-between) in a flash.

Made of a rugged, virtually unbreakable plastic, this remarkable guard delivers the safety and dust collection efficiency you've been missing out on... with the added convenience of fast, hassle-free tool changeovers.

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522008 Shopsmith Flip-Up EuroGuard ...    $29.99

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