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Shopsmith Dust Collection

Dust Collection - Enjoy a Virtually Dust-Free Workshop Environment

Dust Collection - Enjoy a Virtually Dust-Free Workshop Environment

Dust Collection Introduction

The Dust Collector provides an efficient and effective means to collect wood shavings and sawdust from your workshop. Unlike conventional shop vacuums, the Dust Collector is designed to collect and filter the large volume of dust and shavings produced by modern woodworking equipment. When used in conjunction with efficient dust collection chutes and attachments, the Dust Collector will help you approach dust-free woodworking.

Shop Vacuum vs Dust Collector

Heavy-duty shop vacuums are great for sweeping floors, sucking-up water and all those other general clean-up jobs round the house and garage. But they can't hold a candle to a dedicated dust collector when it comes to capturing large volumes of shavings and superfine dust from woodworking machinery. No contest!

Most shop vacuums are wet/dry units. They need a lot of static pressure to suck up nuts, bolts, water and other heavy stuff. Dust collectors, on the other hand, could care less about heavy stuff. Their job is to snatch 90+% of the dust and debris from your machinery... before it ever has a chance to get loose and become a problem.

To do that job, you need CFM (cubic-feet-per-minute)... not static pressure... and that's exactly what dust collectors deliver - in huge quantities. In fact, three times - or more CFM - than a conventional shop vacuum. When it comes to sucking-up sawdust and wood chips, dust collectors reign supreme over shop vacuums!

More Information

Click here for more information on dust collection from Shopsmith's Power Tool Woodworking For Everyone online edition.

Shopsmith Dust Collection Catalog

Enjoy Virtually Dust-Free Woodworking with Shopsmith's NEW! DC-6000 Dust Collection System

DC-6000 Shopsmith Dust Collector

Enjoy Virtually Dust-Free Woodworking with Shopsmith's NEW! DC-6000 Dust Collection System


Dust Collector Filter Hoods

Shopsmith DC3300 To DC-6000 Performance Upgrade Kit

Our NEW! DC3300 Performance Upgrade Package will provide all the Power of the DC-6000 1-1/2 HP Motor in your existing DC3300!


Dust Collector Filter Hoods

Dust Collector Filter Hoods

Your Choise of 3 Filter Hoods Let You Choose Your Level of Dust Collection Efficiency


Dust Collection Accessory Kit

Dust Collection Accessories Kit

13 piece kit of the accessories you need for your DC-3300 dust collector.


Dust Collection Hoses

Dust Collection Hoses

Hook-up more machines or extend your reach with addtional hoses. Save time by eliminating the need to switch from machine to machine.


Heavy-Duty Dust Collector Bags

Dust Collection Bags

Heavy-Duty, 4mm Thick Dust Collection Bags available in several sizes to suit all your needs.


Dust Collector Retrofit Handle  

Dust Collection Retrofit Handle

Additional handle makes moving your dust collector easier.


Flange Ferrule

Flange Ferrule

Attach these ferrules to make all your power tools and fixtures dust collection capable.


Collect Dust and Shavings as you work

Utility Vacuum Extension

Pickup with flexible gooseneck to capture dust and shavings at the source.


Fittings and Bags

Fittings and Bags

Dust collection bags and a full selection of fittings


Control Your Dust Collector Remotely

Wireless On/Off Switch

Turn your dust collector on and off remotely.


Hose Valve

Hose Valve

Open or close airflow to improve performance


Remote Foot Switch

Remote Foot Switch

Hands-Free switching for your DC-3300.


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