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Forstner Bits -- Amazingly versatile, they’re the world’s most unique bits!

Forstner bits are designed to handle tasks that other bits just can't tackle. First, they have practically no center spur, so they’re ideal for boring almost perfectly flat-bottomed holes like those found in holders for candles or salt and pepper shakers -- or hollowing-out small, circular boxes for rings, jewelry, etc.
Thanks to the small spur, you can use most forstners to drill to within 1/32-inch of the bottom of your workpiece without fear of the center spur chewing through the wood.
They're also great for boring exceptionally clean angled holes or overlapping holes; for re-locating an existing hole by enlarging it; for making  round-end mortises; for drilling into end grain; and for drilling larger diameter holes in extremely thin stock, such as veneers, without splitting.
Furthermore, because of their unique design, they won't "wander" off center... even through knots, bird's-eyes, and irregular grains. In short, they do all the things most bits can't do.
Available in four individual sizes or a complete set for additional savings. All bits offer a 5/16-inch shank. Each is 3-1/2-inch long overall. Definitely, the most versatile and convenient drill bits you could ever own!

3/8-inch Forstner Bit
Price $12.29
Status: Item is available.

1/2-inch Forstner Bit
Price $13.29
Status: Item is available.

5/8-inch Forstner Bit
Price $14.29
Status: Item is available.

3/4-inch Forstner Bit
Price $15.29
Status: Item is available.

7/8-inch Forstner Bit
Price $16.29
Status: Item is available.

1-inch Forstner Bit
Price $17.29
Status: Item is available.

Forstner Bit Set -- Includes all six bits above
Price $84.75

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