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Shopsmith Brad Point Drill Bits

You Won't Find Any Higher Quality Bits Than These!

Brad-Point Drill Bits are the Best Choice For Most Woodworking Applications

Shopsmith Brad Point Drill Bits

Brad-Point Bits are your best choice for most woodworking applications: Boring holes for dowels or round tenons; Pilot holes for screws or bolts; Counterbores. Whenever you need a clean hole, you need a brad point drill bit.

These bits are manufactured to our exacting specifications from high quality carbon alloy steel to take and hold a keen cutting edge.

Six reasons why Shopsmith brad point drill bits are the pro's choice:

  1. Pointed Tip guarantees “on-target” hole locating
  2. Precision Ground Edges shave hole sides clean
  3. Sharp Side Spurs enter & exit hole cleanly
  4. High quality Carbon Alloy Steel holds its edge
  5. Radiused Step adds strength and durability
  6. Deep Flutes clear chips fast

If you're struggling to bore clean, attractive holes in wood with ordinary twist-style or spade bits, you're making a mistake. For general purpose wood drilling, nothing beats brad-point bits.

Correct drilling speed is crucial

The larger the hole or the harder the material, the lower the speed. Drilling too fast will burn the stock and ruin your bit. Feed the bit into the hole slowly and evenly with light, steady pressure... and retract it frequently to clear the chips.

Use the Shopsmith Speed Reducer when using Forstner Bits or large diameter multi-spurs or other bits over 1-1/2-inch... especially in hard woods.

Super-Sharp Point at the Tip Locates the Hole With Unwavering Precision

A super-sharp point at the tip locates the hole with unwavering precision, then “bites-in” to hold the bit on center as it advances.

The two side spurs slice cleanly through the wood fibers, making a perfectly round, splinter-free entry and exit, while the deep chip channels eject the chips quickly.

Shopsmith Brad Points are available individually or in convenient sets, as described below. All bits above 1/2-inch have 1/2-inch shanks.

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Brad Point Drill Bit Sets

505905 Pro Premium Doweling Package (Package of 10) —
Includes All Our Premium-Quality Brad-Point Drill Bits ...   $129.95

Individual Brad Point Drill Bits

555016 Brad Point 1/8" Premium Doweling Bit ...   $4.95

505879 Brad Point 3/16" Premium Doweling Bit ...   $4.95

505880 Brad Point 1/4" Premium Doweling Bit ...   $4.95

505881 Brad Point 5/16" Premium Doweling Bit ...   $5.95

505882 Brad Point 3/8" Premium Doweling Bit ...   $10.95

505883 Brad Point 7/16" Premium Doweling Bit ...   $12.95

505884 Brad Point 1/2" Premium Doweling Bit ...   $15.95

505885 Brad Point 9/16" Premium Doweling Bit ...   $21.95

505886 Brad Point 5/8" Premium Doweling Bit ...   $23.95

505888 Brad Point 3/4" Premium Doweling Bit ...   $25.95

Other Drill Bits

523009 Brad Point 9/32" Machine Twist Drill Bit ...   $5.39

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