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The Shopsmith Cross-Cutter

Create Beautiful Picture Frames, Tables, Custom Boxes, Furniture and more!

Great for DIYers, Homeowners and Woodworkers!

Jewelry Box Segmented Bowl Drawers
Cross Cutter Cross Cutter and Miter Gauge


Save time and skip the extra jig!
Cut precise dados!

  • Cut boards to the exact same length every time
  • Cut out imperfections in a snap
  • Cut multiple pieces to two different lengths
  • Cut two slots (or dados) in the same board
  • Make larger dado slots than normal blades cut
  • True up any variations in plywood for a precise fit

The Shopsmith Cross-Cutter allows you to make many cuts that have traditionally required custom jigs, fence adjustment, or tedious dado shimming. These cuts include: • Making two cuts of differing length, • Making irregularly sized dado slots, • Making oversized dado slots, and • Creating a double spline joint.

Features and Benefits

Safety: It creates a space between the rip fence and the piece being cross-cut. This keeps the workpiece from binding between the fence and the saw blade and creating a kickback.

Precision: The Shopsmith Cross-Cutter has 2 micro-adjustable stop screws. Each quarter-turn of the stops creates an adjustment of 1/128"


  • Cut multiple project parts to identical lengths after measuring only the first one
  • Cut precise dados to exactly fit today's undersized plywood without tedious shimming
  • Cut precise extra-wide dados that are wider than the capacity of your dado head

556466 Cross-Cutter for MARK 7 and Mark V Model 520 ...    $49.90

556464 Cross-Cutter for Mark V Models 510, 505 and 500 ...    $49.90

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