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Super-Versatile Corner Clamp

Unique, Super-Versatile Corner Clamps Tackle Gripping Jobs That Simply Aren't Possible with Similar Clamps

Unique, Super-Versatile Corner Clamps

Made of a tough space-age polymer, these corner clamps are engineered to deliver the versatility you need to make easy work of all kinds of assembly and glue-up tasks that similar clamps simply can't handle (Click here to see just a few sample of the clamping tasks they handle).

To begin with, they're a full 2-5/8" thick by 4" wide with a 9" long by 9/16" diameter, quick-acting, ACME-threaded, bright-plated adjustment rod. Each of the four angled jaws is 3/4" high to provide plenty of grip on thick or thin workpieces.

Lightweight and impervious to rust, these cleverly-designed clamps are made to provide a lifetime of dependable service.

Ergonomically-shaped, rubberized handle rotates to 90° for a super-grip and added leverage. 1-7/16" diameter x 4" long, it feels comfortable in the hand with ample finger clearance between its bottom surface and your benchtop for easy turning without interference.

Ergonomically-Shaped Rubberized Handle Rotates 90° for a Super Grip Removable Tab Let You Hang Clamp for Storage

Four Stepped Jaws offer precise 45° angled sides for joining perfectly mitered corners or 90° butt joints with equal ease... making the process of creating tight-fitting joints a virtually fail-safe operation.

Plated ACME-Threaded Screw operates smoothly and opens 3/16" with each rotation of the handle. The screw is mounted to each jaw through a swiveling, threaded block. This design makes it possible for the opposing jaws to automatically offset up to 1/2" when tightened -- allowing you to grip workpieces that vary in width or thickness by up to 1/2".

Removable Tab lets you hang clamp on pegboard hook. It can be snapped off quickly to give you up to 1-1/2" of extra gripping capacity for larger jobs.

One horizontal and three vertical V-Grooves on bottom sides of jaws let you grip cylindrical workpieces. Use this feature for center-drilling dowels, drilling the longitudinal surfaces of cylindrical objects, tapping or other drill press operations.


  • Miters/Butt Joints: 3/4" height/thickness engagement in clamp jaws
  • Edge Miters/Centered Butt Joints: Up to 3-3/8" thick
  • Face Miters/End Butt Joints: Up to 3-3/8" wide
  • Thickness/Width Gripping Differences: 1/2"
  • T-Joints: Up to 1-1/8" thick
  • Angled Joint Clamping: Up to 16-1/2°
  • Minimum Sized Picture Frame (using four Clamps): 11-3/8" x 11-3/8"

523056 Corner Clamp ...   $19.95

556443 Set of (4) Corner Clamps ...   $79.80

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