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Shopsmith Quick-Acting Combination Bench and Drill Press Vise

Use the Included T-Nuts To Attach It to Your Mark 7 or Mark V Model 520 510 or 505 Table Mount It Onto a Benchtop Using the Included Clamp

New! Quick-Acting Bench & Drill Press Vise Is The Most Fully-Featured, Best-Working Model We've Ever Offered

If you're a Shopsmith owner, you've probably already figured out that having a great drill press vise could be a BIG help for holding small workpieces while you bore holes, rout mortises and perform other operations with your Shopsmith set-up in vertical drill press mode.

One Vise or Two?

And, we're also guessing that you've run into situations where having a bench-mounted vise would be pretty handy, too ! But adding both of these tools to your shop can be a costly proposition. Small drill press vises with little in the way of features can run between $50 and $130 or more. Bench vises can easily exceed the $150 range.

Here's a Solution

This great combination vise offers 4" wide jaws that adjust rapidly with a pushbutton quick-release mechanism. It can be mounted easily to your drill press table (through your Mark V or Mark 7's sawing table insert or with our sliding T-Nuts (included). Or, you can also mount it to your workbench in any number of configurations (see photos) using the included bench-mount clamp.

You get a lot of versatility for about the same money as a low-cost drill press vise alone.

Mount it ONTO a benchtop up to 1-3/4" thick, using the included clamp. It's great for holding boards or dowels while sawing drilling, planing and more.

Mount it on top of your bench... or sticking out from it, either horizontally or at a 45° or 90° angle!

Quick-Release Button Let You Slide Jaws Open and Closed Fast

Quick-release button lets you slide jaws open and closed FAST

Comfortable Rubberized Grip

Rubberized grip feels comfortable in the hand

Handle Locks at 90° Angle For Added Leverage

Handle can lock into position at 90° angle for added leverage

Just a Few Ways You Might Use This Vise

On Your Mark V or Mark 7

  • Line drilling small boards or dowels
  • Center drilling small workpieces vertically
  • Routing slots & mortises
  • Hollow chisel mortising
  • Pen-making operations

On Your Workbench

  • Holding workpieces for hand sawing
  • Holding stock for hand planing
  • Drilling pipe, dowels or other materials


Size 2-1/2" high x 6" wide x 12-1/2" long
Base Rugged, Reinforced Cas Aluminum, 6" Wide x 7-1/8" Long with Two 1/2" x 4-1/4" Mounting Slots
Slides (Two) 1/2" Diameter Steel Rods
Jaws 1-1/2" high X 4" wide X 1/4" thick steel - Removable with horizontal & vertical V-slots on one jaw
Adjust Rod 15/32" diameter plated steel with quick-acting Acme threads
Capacity Opens to 3-15/16" with steel jaws attached - 4-3/8" with steel jaws removed

Includes: Vise • Vise Mounting Clamp • Two Sliding T-nuts • Two Buttonhead Bolts and • Two Fender Washers for mounting to your Shopsmith.

Note: Color may vary from the item shown in the photos.

556416 Quick-Acting Combination Bench and Drill Press Vise ...   $59.64

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