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Missing your Shopsmith Bandsaw
Owner’s Manual ?

Order your copy today and you’ll have all the information you need to properly set-up, align and maintain your Shopsmith Bandsaw – right at your fingertips

Having Owner’s Manuals for your Shopsmith Tools is more than important – it’s VITAL for three very significant reasons.

First, all Shopsmith Tool Manuals start off with step-by-step procedures for setting-up and aligning your machines properly. Without adequate knowledge of these procedures, it can be difficult to get the optimal performance from your machines. It’s important to remember that precise results demand precise alignment…and an improperly aligned machine cannot produce professional-looking results. It’s just that simple.

Secondly, all machines require maintenance. This includes periodic cleaning, lubrication and inspection to ensure that their initial alignment is still as intended and all components are doing the job that they’re designed to do . Each Shopsmith Tool Manual includes clear, easy-to-follow instructions for such procedures…and it’s this maintenance that will keep your Machines operating at their peak performance.

And finally, any machine that gets used regularly will eventually need to have one or more of its components repaired or replaced. With Shopsmith Tools, most of these repairs can be performed by you, the owner, in your own shop. However, these repairs are far more difficult to do without the aid of a machine exploded view drawing, and an itemized parts list to go with it. Having the drawing and list makes the job of conversing with our TOLL-FREE Service Technicians much easier…and any repair you may have to make, far simpler. should be obvious that the very small investment that you may make in having the Manuals you need close at hand will pay for itself many times over. Order the Bandsaw Manual you may need now…and you’ll continue to enjoy the same performance from your Machine as you did when it was new.

Bandsaw Manual w/ Parts List
(Current model Bandsaw w/ Aluminum Table)

Price $11.99

Bandsaw Manual w/ Parts List
(Older model Bandsaw w/ Cast Iron Table)

Price $9999.99



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