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Shopsmith Standard Carbon Steel BandSaw Blades

A Full Range Of Shopsmith Bandsaw Blades To Meet Your Exacting Requirements

A Full Range of Shopsmith Bandsaw Blades

Whether you're cutting large sweeping curves; straight lines; tight, intricate fretwork; resawing thin boards from thick ones; or working with a variety of materials from non-ferrous metals through the softest of woods... Shopsmith has a bandsaw blade to do the job.

Shopsmith blades are made from premium-quality silicon carbon steel. All blades (except 555386 - 1/16" blade) have precision milled teeth (not stamped) for added sharpness and consistency of cut.

Lifetime Guarantee On Weld Integrity* - If a Shopsmith blade breaks at the weld, we'll replace it... Free!

1/2" Combination Bandsaw Blade

1/2" Combination - 6 TPI Raker - Heavy-duty, general-purpose blade for wood, plywood and nonferrous metals. Suitable for wood up to 6-inches thick and metal work on stock up to 1/2-inch thick. 2-inch minimum radius.

555196 1/2" Combination Blade ...   $24.87

5/8" Woodcutting Resaw Bandsaw Blade

5/8" Woodcutting Blade - 3-4 Variable TPI - This blade is used strictly for resawing wood up to 6 inches thick and straight cuts only. Variable-spaced tooth design gives a more aggressive cut, less tooth vibration and ultimately, a finer finish cut. Use 1/2" tension setting on Shopsmith bandsaw.

555421 5/8" Woodcutting Blade ...   $24.87

1/4" Combination Bandsaw Blade

1/4-inch Combination Blade - .025 -- 6 TPI Hooked - General purpose blade for wood, plywood, plastics and soft non-ferrous metals. Standard with the Shopsmith Bandsaw. 3/4-inch minimum radius.

555419 1/4" Combination Blade ...   $24.87

1/4" Combination Bandsaw Blade

1/4-inch Combination Blade - .025 -- 14 TPI Raker - For finer finish cuts in wood, plywood, plastics and non-ferrous metals. 3/4-inch minimum radius.

555420 1/4" Combination Blade ...   $24.87

*Warranty applies only to original customer on verified purchases made through Shopsmith agents or the website.

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