Shaper Spindle With
Ball Bearing Rub Collars

These Ball-Bearing Rub Collars Eliminate Burnt Workpiece Edges
When Shaping the Profiles of Curved Workpieces

Ball-Bearing Rub Collars Eliminate Burnt Workpiece Edges When Shaping the Profiles of Curved Workpieces

Shaper Spindle with Ball Bearing Rub Collars

Controlling the depth-of-cut of a shaper cutter on a straight-edged workpiece is simple. Just adjust the Shaper Fence to the depth-of-cut you want and guide the workpiece against it. However, performing that same task with an odd-shaped workpiece is a “different ballgame” that requires you to use an appropriate diameter rub collar. Working like a bearing pilot on a router bit, the rub collar limits your depth-of cut consistently as you move your cutter around the edge of your stock. Our standard shaper arbor and rub collar set (555117) includes solid steel rub collars in 25/32"... 1"... 1-1/4"... and 1-1/2" diameters. Here's how this all works out when you use them with Shopsmith's 2" diameter shaper cutters:

Depth-Of-Cut Desired 19/32" 1/2" 3/8" 1/4"
Use This Rub Collar 25/32" 1" 1-1/4" 1-1/2"

Here's How These Ball Bearing Collars Differ:

When you use solid steel rub collars, high-speed shaping operations (particularly with PowerPro upgraded Mark V's or our new Mark 7 machines that can operate at up to 10,000 rpm), can create unsightly burn marks on the edges of your workpieces. Not so, with these Ball Bearing Rub Collars !

Developed for use with Shopsmith's Speed Increaser, these collars feature ball bearing centers that eliminate workpiece burning completely. The set comes with the special Speed Increaser Arbor. If you have a Shopsmith Speed Increaser and you're planning to use this arbor and rub collars on the Speed Increaser with your standard Mark V (Model 500, 510 or 520), all you need is this arbor and the collars.

However, if you don't have a Speed Increaser and would like to use the ball bearing rub collars with your PowerPro upgraded Mark V or a new Mark 7 machine, you can do so by mounting this arbor in a Shopsmith Router Chuck (514631). If you already own a Shopsmith Router Chuck, you're ready to go. If not, we offer a special kit (see below) that includes a Shopsmith Router Chuck at an attractive discount.

Note: 1/2" Router Chuck is Required Except When This is Being Used With the Speed Increaser.

555472 Shaper Spindle with Ball Bearing Rub Collars ...    $39.53

514631 1/2" Router Chuck (required) ...    $24.43

556270 Shopsmith Burn-Free Shaping Kit (includes 555472 & 514631) ...    $49.42

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