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NEW! AIR STEALTH N100 Respirator Masks

Ergonomic Design & Low-Profile Fit

MD10-802 Blade

AIR STEALTH N100 Mask ‐ Use again and again

This New N100 Mask provides a low profile and ergonomic design

  • Less clogging pressure and inward leakage
  • Protects the user against airborne particles, non-petroleum based aerosols, mists, and weld fumes
  • Twin HEPAC pleat encapsulated design filter provides up to 99.99% filtration of airborne particles and aerosols at 0.3 micron and above
  • Exhalation valve on bottom of face piece, ensuring no exhalation air, steam or fog of any glasses/visors
  • Protective grill covers 100% of filter surface and protects filter from moisture and particulates

504061 AIR STEALTH N100 Respirator M/L ...   $36.99

504062 AIR STEALTH N100 Respirator S/M ...   $36.99

Save When You Bundle!

504064 AIR STEALTH N100 Respirator M/L & Hard Storage Case ...   $58.99

MD10-802 Blade

AIR STEALTH Lite Pro N99 Mask ‐ Disposable!

The N99 Mask is lightweight with a reusable frame and disposable filters

  • Provides 99+% Maximum filtration of airborne particles
  • Maximum breathability with minimum breathing resistance
  • Maximum comfort ‐ Mask can be worn 8 hours a day
  • Hypoallergenic Face Seal
  • Downward facing exhalation valve ‐ Stops fogging

504066 AIR STEALTH N99 LITE PRO Disposable Respirator Mask ...   $13.99


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