The Shopsmith Journals
Maintenance and Alignment DVD

An Information-Packed 90 Minute DVD Walk-Through Aligning and
Maintaining Your Shopsmith Mark V For Optimal Performance

Align and Maintain Your Shopsmith For Optimal Performance

The Shopsmith Journals DVD

As a Shopsmith Traveling Woodworking Academy Instructor, Rick Davis has taught hundreds of Mark V owners how to set their machines up to perform like precision instruments -- and how to keep them performing that way, year-after-year.

Now, he's written and produced a 90-minute DVD that takes the mystery out of the process and walks you step-by-step through it all in clear, easy-to-understand terms.

Here's What You'll Learn:

Taught By Master Craftsman Rick Davis Clear, Easy-To-Understand Step-By-Step Walk-Throughs

Headstock Maintenance

Table Alignment

Miscellaneous Procedures


You Simply Can't Miss! Nothing Is Left To Chance!

Shopsmith Help Kit

Shopsmith Mark V Help Kit all in a convenient, easy to find box

Shopsmith's 63-piece help kit is the perfect companion for maintaining and aligning your Shopsmith Mark V when following Rick Davis' step-by-step instructions. (Note: contents of the help kit have been updated from what is shown in the Shopsmith Journals DVD video. See online details for current information.

This indispensable 63-piece kit includes vital lubricants for keeping your Mark V running smoothly and dependably - plus - a T-handled Allen wrench, two shop rags, a Mark V alignment and maintenance manual and a collection of the most frequently lost setscrews... all in a convenient, easy-to-find box that you can locate in your shop in a heartbeat, when needed.

See More Shopsmith Help Kit Details Here.

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515325 Shopsmith Help Kit ...    $67.59

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