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Shopsmith DC3300 to DC-6000 Performance Upgrade Kit


Our NEW! DC3300 Performance Upgrade Package will provide all the Power of the DC-6000 1-1/2 HP Motor in your existing DC3300!

    This is much more than a "Motor Upgrade", it is a "Performance Upgrade."
  • This upgrade improves the old DC3300 to perform just like the new DC-6000.
  • This upgrade includes the 1-1/2 hp Motor, New 6-blade Turbo-Fan, with highly efficient Fan Housing and Motor Housing, pre-assembled and quality tested.
  • Complete with new Seals ready to drop into the DC3300 Main Housing.
  • Just unplug and remove the old DC3300 Motor, Fan and Fan Housing Assembly and install the DC-6000 Motor, 6-blade Turbo-Fan, with Fan Housing and Motor Housing.
  • Now the Performance in the old DC3300 is the same as the new DC-6000.

What’s Included:

  • Easy-to-follow instructions.
  • All the Necessary Parts and Hardware to Make Upgrading Your DC3300 a snap!
  • New powerful 1-1/2 HP Motor with up to 98% efficiency.
  • New Motor Housing to accommodate the new, larger motor.
  • For Owners with a DC3300 made prior to 1991 (with the metal main housing) this upgrade kit also provides a more convenient switch location and the addition of collection bag clips for easy collection bag changes.

557092 Shopsmith DC3300 To DC-6000 Performance Upgrade Kit (For DC3300 with Plastic Main Housing) ...   $374.00

557094 Shopsmith DC3300 To DC-6000 Performance Upgrade Kit (For DC3300 with Metal Main Housing) ...   $494.00

Shopsmith DC3300 To DC-6000 Motor Upgrade Kit


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